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Posted By:amberdoll on: 3/11/2009 9:45:23 PM

Author: Thread: New salon/spa owner needs advice
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New salon/spa owner needs advice
Posted: Wednesday, March 11, 2009 9:45:23 PM

Trying to work out kinks in my new business and could use some help. I have 2 booth rental stylist who up until now have been sharing walkins on first come first serve basis. I recently hired a commision stylist who opens and closes and now take first dibs on walkins. I think this is fair since part of the money she makes gets sunk back into the business and this is how it was when  I started out. I am receiving backlash from other employees who don't think its fair and stylist who are not listening and putting every callin or walkin down with themselves.

I know once I hire a receptionist I will be able to eliminate part of the problem but until I fill up and can afford that I have to rely on everyone to be honest and fair, which is not happening. Help!

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Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2009 4:31:59 PM
Get rid of the booth renters, they should NOT GET ANY walk-ins. If they do not have clientele, they have no business booth renting. Next hire another commission stylist and then a part-time receptionist. Never sign on a booth renter unless they have their own clients, booth renters pay you rent you provide them space. You do not provide booth renters with clients, advertising, color, products, tools, credit card machine, phone, assistants, receptionist, etc. They are self employed and need to fend for themselves.

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Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2009 9:58:17 PM
Thanks, just what I needed to hear, didn't think I was being unfair but since I'm so new at this I started to doubt myself. I can't get rid of the booth renters but I have already decided not to hire anymore. I will hire a receptionist asap and have an assistant who is moving commission soon. Hopefully I can iron out the kinks soon...

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Posted: Friday, March 13, 2009 4:09:45 PM
First question, are you in your salon? If you are not, you should be there every hour you are open to control the salon and the telephone. If this is not possible, put your employee (commission stylist) in control of the salon. Your renters are not employees and are not entitled to any salon clients. You must take control of your salon. Let your renters know the new rules about new clients, put it in writting and make it clear that your rules will be followed. Your renters should now have their own phone and not have access to the salon phone. Do you have booth rental leases with your renters? If you don't, make one and make sure all of your rules are clearly spelled out. You are now operating a split salon, renters and employees and the rules need to be clear to everyone. "When you are in command, take command".

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need advice from you??? Please help..
Posted: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 10:37:25 PM

I am in the process of opening a salon.  Im booked all day 5 days a week and have a few how will come with me.  DO you think you got a better deal on the lease with the economy?  Im hoping to take advantage while I can and once things rebound...I'll sit back and make more green.  

Could I ask the amount your monthly lease is?   Im looking into two salons right now that have closed due to lack of magnt. One is 3500.00 for 1050 sf.  Altough its Location, Location, Location.  Just curious what others are paying now.

THanks so much.  I've decided to only have employees.  I really have a vision and dont want to lose my professionalism.  THanks for posted about the BR.........that really opens my eyes.  Good luck to you.