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Posted By:*LadyHudson* on: 3/12/2009 1:43:54 PM

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Strange Problem help???
Posted: Thursday, March 12, 2009 1:43:55 PM

Ok I think I have some kind of mental blockage weirdo issue haha! I laugh but I seriously think I have a problem!! Ok since school & working in a couple salons I have noticed a reoccuring problem that is holding me back & frustrating me to no end!! Ok when I am by myself doing hair or atleast when a boss figure or more experienced person is not around I do a good job doing hair & seem to have a good amount of confidence & think things through. The minute a person of authority, teachers, managers & now salon owner/stylist is around, I go scatter brained!! My hands start shaking, I cant think straight, I forget silly things, totally lose my confidence & feel rushed to make choices. Although my last boss was very dominating & misguided me terribly!! I thought that was my problem, but now I am one of 2 stylist the other being the salon owner & she gives me a decent amount of freedom. She has been a stylist for 5 years & is amazing so I do at times feeling extremely intimidated, I've only been at it for a year & a half, so thats understandable! But I know I am capible of doing a good job & I have a decent amount of confidence! What is wrong with me? Do other stylist have this problem!! I feel like this is really holding me back & I want to be sucessful & not let anything hold me back!! How can I over come this!! Someone please help!!

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lack of confidence
Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2009 12:07:52 PM
I'm not sure if this is the best advice, but it sounds like you have some anxiety issues. I have some myself, and I've talked to a therapist about them. I'm a perfectionist and have a hard time with obsessing over everything I do, hair related.

One girl, asked me to do something really silly with her hair and cut half of bangs to the middle of her forehead, and blend all the way down. I hadn't even cut them past eye length yet and she started freaking out. Head between her knees, screaming, crying, etc. It was awful. Her friend told me it's "just her" and she even told me that. Still, this gave me a complex. Everytime I go to cut anyone's bangs or face frame, I get the shakes. I'm extremely confident. That's the thing! Cutting hair is like second nature to me. This happened late last year, so I've really been getting over the whole thing. Not every client is crazy, lol.

I think you should seek a little cognitive behavioral therapy. Sometimes, you just need to retrain your thought process and believe in yourself no matter who's looking!

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Good to know
Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2009 12:21:45 PM

AlenaL Thanks for the advice. Its good to know that other people have to deal with or go through the same or simular things!! It helps!! I dont know what the deal is. I guess I have the bubble issue lol this is my bubble I do well in my bubble, so please dont invade the bubble or I loose all focus!! I know its a weird way of putting it but it keeps me sain to be funny when things like this stress me out!! I appreciate your reply and any others I get to help!!


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Posted: Sunday, March 15, 2009 8:10:12 PM
I have been in that same situation. I think it has a lot to do with how comfortable you are in that environment. I would get very anxious and feel like everyone in the salon was watching me. So, after trying a few salons, I found one that I felt comfortable in and that anxiety did go away rather quickly. You can get past it, I promise. Remember that most of it is all in your head. I agree with Alena about the behavior therapy...:)