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Posted By:TinaJoVina on: 4/30/2009 1:50:37 PM

Author: Thread: suffocating job/lost determination
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suffocating job/lost determination
Posted: Thursday, April 30, 2009 1:50:37 PM
so i graduated school in early march, my first job at a chain salon seemed like a ok idea, hands on, get right out and start doing hair, and get paid pretty well, min. + tips. first off its in a mall. i cant see the sunlight i feel like a hermit all day, ugh it drains me! my bosses are judgemental two faced white trash bible thumpers, and they talk about jesus at work, weird stuff too, its bazaar. i havent learned ONE thing since working there, the boss was all like oh I'm going to teach you so much your just going to absorb everything like a sponge, I've been there for a month and she still hasn't even showed me the color line so i have to turn down customers, I'm completely different then all the other girls there, i like them dont get me wrong we get along but theres no chemistry, its not fun, I'm not happy, its gotten so bad i want to quit every day and its making me miserable in my personal life.  so anyways I'm moving out of NY in 2 weeks to Minneapolis MN. so i have to go back to school for 550 hours. but i just don't even know, when i graduated i was so pumped and excited about my new career and life, i was so eager and determined and i feel like its all been sucked out of me and I'm just drained i feel like I'm loosing interest and that's sad, i wanted to open my own salon, now I'm thinking maybe i should just be a hostess my whole life.

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Keep your head up!
Posted: Thursday, April 30, 2009 2:51:42 PM

Dear Tina,

Welcome to the BTC Talk Back Boards.  Please take a moment to read the rules and regulations located in the green-ish looking box that is located above!

I understand the frustration you are going through.  My first salon that I worked with right out of beauty school was not ideal.  I was a brunette in a blonde barbie type world.  And the only way you would get promoted is to actually look like barbie...and that was not happening.

This experience is in one salon and lots of salons are not like this.  Where are you located?  Are you willing to move to a bigger city to work in a lager salon that would more readily fit your personality.  if you are currently working for Minimum wage + tips, I would suggest looking into an apprenticeship program.  You will be able to do some research in that area to see if it is a good fit.

Another thing to try is actually interviewing salons.  The way you can do this is by going and getting a service done there.  Get a manicure or a blow-out.  This way you can get the vibe of the salon and see if it is someplace you can see yourself thriving in.  Don't give up hope yet!  This industry has lots to offer, you just need to keep your mind and heart open!

Thank you!

Sarah                                                                 BTC Bulletin Board Moderator sarahk@behindthechair.com

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Posted: Thursday, April 30, 2009 7:05:18 PM

sounds like you might want to get a little more education under your belt before you go out on the floor 'without a net' so to speak.

the best thing i can advise you to do is to research salons in the area you will be living in, do some calling and find out which ones have apprentiship programs. or you could be hired as an assistant to just one stylist or colorist, where you would learn by doing.

you could also add to your knowledge by going to classes on the topics you feel you need to learn more about.

its all up to you to make this career happen, nobody is going to hand you anything you didn't earn.

you've only been out of school for a month, that's the beginning of your learning, not the end.keep your chin up, and go for what you want out of this industry.

i do know that there are companies based in minneapolis that you could get a great continuing education from.

good luck, and don't let this one bad salon dampen your spirits!

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Posted: Friday, May 01, 2009 8:03:16 AM

thank you for your advice, i just keep thinking, 2 more weeks! one more week! im sure when i go back to school in mn i will be inspired again! i went to a great school before, but i do really want to be an assistant first, i just love learning, and taking all the extra classes i can, i just cant take not being as good as i expect myself to be, i guess im kind of hard on myself, but i dont think thats exactly a bad thing.

<3 Tina JoVina

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Posted: Saturday, May 02, 2009 7:24:00 PM
it's great to want to be really good at something, and this career is very rewarding when you've taken the steps to be the best you can,and the work you do reflects that, then the clients' happiness makes it all worthwhile. best of luck!