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Posted By:chadfromnc_2000 on: 5/11/2009 9:06:18 AM

Author: Thread: Getting back into Cosmetology Field after 4 years away???
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Getting back into Cosmetology Field after 4 years away???
Posted: Monday, May 11, 2009 9:06:18 AM

Hello everyone at Behind the chair,

I use to be  a regular on here so to speak back in 2005 when I was going through Beauty School. We'll I have left the field shortly after I got into it. I felt my training was bad at school as I was also told at the Great Clips I had worked for. I first started out at a Regis because I thought they would offer good training but they didnt so then I went to a Great clips and I did learn how to do a clipper cut but nothing else. I was always nervous plus I was on diet pills and they made me shake like a nut lol lol. Anyway needless to say I had good days and bad,. though more bad days and like someone posted, I too got sick everytime a client walked in the door.  But I have missed the industry and want to get back into it... Can someone after a 4 year absence. I will have to go and take the practical part of the test which I never took cause I had choose to quit. I did take theory and passed so I dont have to take the theory again... I wonder if salons would hire me after being out of the industry for 4 years. I  think this time it could be better, I feel I would be able to shrug off the negatives and not let them get to me. I'm also nevrous about the practical exam. I have been on the website and know what they want you to do. I feel I know enough to wing it on the hair part, dont know how much i can remember for the mani part though. Id hate to buy all the supplies that I had once but gave away....(which I am shooting myself in the foot for) just to fail the exam..

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Posted: Monday, May 11, 2009 6:53:00 PM
Good choice to give it another shot-this field takes some serious time to really feel comfortable with knowing what you're doing and you deserve a shot at really allowing yourself to do something with it!
I have been doing hair for 14 years and am considering getting my instructors license. I noticed the website at our local tech college offers a review class for taking state board exams. It only meets for a few weeks and is not very expensive, so that could be worth looking into as a good review. Otherwise, bust out your text book from school, grab some friends and start practicing your perm wraps!
Just have some patience with yourself, maybe get into a salon that takes apprentices or has a good training program (probably best bet is a privately owned salon for that) and really give it a shot this time!

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Posted: Friday, May 15, 2009 3:55:41 PM

Thanks vivid,

do you think it will be hard for me to get work in a salon after being gone for 4 years? thats what im worreid about