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Posted By:stylist13 on: 5/20/2009 5:24:30 AM

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Issue with Wella/client- advice??
Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2009 5:24:30 AM
I have a client who I am having a hard time to get the Wella KP and/or CT to stick to her hair...

It's porous and bleached from previous pieces we used to do blue, and she's had a black base, although most of that has grown out...

I have done full blown color correction twice and she keeps complaining that it's fading. Now some of the fading is within reason, but some of it, I don't know, maybe I need a new formula.

Last time I believe (sorry no client card in front of me) a 44/65 mixed with some 55/46 KP (20 Vol) on her root, and then the mixed equivalent of that formula on her ends with CT with some RRV kicker.

I then gave her a gloss with Special effects Burgundy Wine just to amp up the burgundy/violet quality, and to grab onto some of the porous hair better since it's a vegetable based dye.

It's a friend/client who is really upset about it (of course she tells me a month after the fact, and she wasn't happy from the get-go, communication is key.... can't fix it if I don't know you're not happy... ugh.. )