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Posted By:hairgirl913 on: 5/22/2009 10:49:30 PM

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Posted: Friday, May 22, 2009 10:49:30 PM
After a year hiatus, I decided to look for PT work in a salon while I attended college for a new beginning.My physical health (arthritis) has helped me sway to a new career in an office/clinic setting.
Anyways- I met a salon/spa owner early last week and fell in love with the beautiful decor and spa atmosphere.She offered me a FT position as a salon coordinator/stylist, basically running the business and picking up the slack of the two other stylists. I was told it was a new salon and she invested allot of money into it and needed someone to respect it as if it was their own- and I felt honored she chose me.I have 16 years experience as a stylist, have managed, and been a part owner in the past- so I knew I could do well with her support and trust. Boy was I in for a nitemare!
From the first day out, I got to experience a woman who was so inexperienced,rude and obnoxious, it made my skin crawl.In a weeks time, I pulled her into a private meeting to let her know I was not able to perform the task to her liking and wanted to move on.We renegotiated that I would stay PT as a stylist/nailtech only because she liked my work and needed me.I really needed the money-so I said OK.The next day, she closed the store four hours early to go drink with friends.The day after that,she shut down the store to give her attorney a "private massage", and nobody was allowed to make a sound til he left(I decided to go home while she was having her private meeting)! Then yesterday she decides to have three girls come in from a wedding party to all have manicures at the same time.We only had 2 nail techs, so she asked her (unlicensed) friend to help out, who had never done a manicure in her life.To make a long story short- the unlicensed friend sliced open a bridesmaid's finger with cuticle scissors, and it just kept getting worse.I was appalled and embarrassed.I did take over and finished the work, and the girls were very thankful and wanted to know if she was licensed.I told them I wasn't sure and that today was my last day because of how unprofessional the place was.I was angry and hurt and embarrassed for them.The bride was horrified, luckily I took care of her but she was so upset at what happened to her friend.
I got a call later and was told I had no right telling a client anything confidential about the salon's operations, and I was fired. Wow - big shock there. Why would a neglectful salon owner take responsibility for a disaster she created??
After allot of thinking- I felt I had to vent and write about it to see if anyone could relate or offer some advice on this horrible experience with a high end train wreck.

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Posted: Saturday, May 23, 2009 5:46:19 AM
You weren't kidding when you said you could relate! What the blue blazes is wrong with the salon community these days? Seriously, I'm really seeing a trend. It's like a bad cross between high school and Hollywood, and if you are a little different or a getting to be a bit long in the tooth (which, by the way, used to earn you respect -- go figure), you can kiss the career you had such high hopes for goodbye. Thanks to my well-timed firing and the general refusal of the salon to tell my clients where I was, I went nearly bankrupt and my credit is ruined. I couldn't open my own salon in a million years.