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Posted By:i<3pomps on: 7/7/2009 1:52:09 AM

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Ugggh! Salon Review
Posted: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 1:52:09 AM

Ok, so I was doing some adverising research earlier and I found a review that just pissed me off! The review was not about me but another stylist in the salon. ....as follows:

(She had the nerve to insert stylists full name)"was completely rude and unprofessional while trying to correct my color. The quality of the work is probably the worst I've ever had, especially considering what I paid for it (HA! She paid $80 for all over h/l & l/l >.<). I was very nice when communicating the issues I had but she was defensive, made personal attacks and was disrespectful to me as a client which is simply unacceptable. I will never step foot in that place again and I recommend for anyone else to steer clear of any work performed by her."

  1. This is the only review that has been posted about our salon ON GOOGLE MAPS!!!

  2. Eventhough it is not directed at me, I am obviously affected as well as other stylists.

  3. I refuse to leave it there and not respond...so tell me what you would do.

The real story is that this woman came in and while getting her color service she complained the whole time, how nobody was ever able to please her and that she had a hard time justifying paying to have her hair done. Other stylists in the salon heard her say (after getting all up in the mirror picking through her hair) that she loved her color. Not only that but when she paid she left a fairly large tip. When she called to talk to the stylist (who is a BR) about how unhappy she was with her color, she was the one that was hateful and directly attacking the stylist. This whole time the stylist was in the break room and had the call on speaker phone, so again, there was a witness. The stylist told the lady that she had upset her and she thought it would be best if she were to call her back when she had a moment to think about what would be the best solution. When the call was returned the stylist made an appointment to try to satisfy this client and make things right free of charge. So obviously she was marked for a corrective color and the woman no called no showed. What nerve!! And to post this BS on Google for everyone to see when she left happy, all because she was looking for a free ride!

I am the type of stylist that would tell her exactly what I thought. Please advise me... I have little tact when it comes to being disrespected for all the wrong reasons. And being run over by clients that do nothing but ***** and take up the time I could be spending on someone that appericiates me and my skills.