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Posted By:mslynn on: 7/26/2009 1:34:16 PM

Author: Thread: frustrated!!
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Posted: Sunday, July 26, 2009 1:34:16 PM
i need advice please!!!! i am a booth renter in a two person salon. i get along with the person who owns the salon, the problem is her husband. he helped her acquire the salon 10 years ago, he is so called disabled and has absolutly no life. he is forever starting something with whoever will listen to his drama. for some reason she just adores this person. last week he gets into a family argument with his aunt. i do this ladies hair and have for 9 years. she pays me very well for all the services i do. he gave her no choice but to put a restraining order against him to stay off her property, in retaliation, his wife said he made her call his aunt and because he just might be in the salon one day when she is having her hair done, they told her she can no longer come in the salon, even though i am her stylist. this is money out of my pocket. she always makes an appt. i feel like he has absolutly no reason to even come to the salon, he could be warned when she is there and keep his stupid self at home. they now have realized that i am pissed off, because this was not thought through, and are saying she can now come back. she has told me if i cannot work something else out with her, he is just crazy and she will have to find another salon. i don't want to leave, but this is the second time he has caused havoc in the shop when is is just a husband. any advise as to what i should do? i am no longer even speaking to him, but it has definatly put a distance between his wife and i. i am trying to keep it together. please help!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted: Sunday, July 26, 2009 7:10:22 PM
you need to try to distance yourself from all this family drama- it's not your family!if you can't go in and do your work in peace, then you may have to move on. they are acting very unprofessionally, bringing their personal business into the salon. try to see if you can accomodate the aunt outside of the salon if her money is really that important to you, otherwise, realize that she is the first of many clients you will lose because the owner has lost sight of what is appropriate salon behavior.you are paying money to have a proper place in which to do your work, and this ain't cuttin it.if she can't see that, you need to move on up & out.(just my opinion, of course)

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Posted: Monday, July 27, 2009 3:54:05 PM
thank you for your advise pixanne!!!!!!!