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Posted By:hairgirl913 on: 8/9/2009 12:28:02 PM

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Hanging it Up
Posted: Sunday, August 09, 2009 12:28:02 PM
After sixteen years, I decided that the world of cosmetology has beaten me up for the last time, at least in a so called professional salon environment.I am sure that I will continue to perform my skills in the comfort of my own home- and if I ever come into some cash, will open a shop just for me!
The reason? Co-Workers and shitty managers and owners. The insanity of the people who claim to be professionals is far too intense for my tastes.The stories I could tell would shock some of you, and others would surely relate.
The last job I just quit after one month.On my first day of employment, the manager walked me up to another stylist to introduce me, and the girl would not even say Hello.The lack of communication went on the entire month, NOT ONE WORD. She tried to say that she doesn't have to talk to me if she doesn't want to- OK fine- but why is someone working in a salon who is so anti social that she cannot even speak to another stylist? I guess she has done this to other employees, and eventually opens up- but I am not one to play games.I told the manager and supervisor that until they correct her problem, I will not work with her.They wanted to get us together to talk it out, which I refused because this problem existed before I ever entered the salon so why should I have to talk it out? Sorry, I am not going to listen to a bunch of chaotic dribble when the girl has never uttered a word to me.Done deal, I was let go. Why? The girl is bipolar and they are afraid of her suing the company if she is fired.This is what the manager told me.So, let a talented hard working stylist leave to keep a psycho who disrupts things all the time.No problem.
The job before this was at a high end ritzy neighborhood spa, I was so excited to be involved with.It was new and I was hired to be the salon coordinator/stylist/manicurist/esthetician, or in other words, the "jack of all trades".The owner stuck around allot and cussed at her staff, overbooked stylists and then bitched them out for not handling things properly, among other crazy things.One day she closed the spa in the middle of the day to cater to her "attorney" in one of the massage rooms while a stylist and I sat and were told to "keep our fucking mouths shut" while they were in the room.I left, what else was I to do? The next day, this woman books a three person wedding party, has a unlicensed friend come in to help that ends up cutting her client with cuticle scissors pulled from her purse.Then the owner proceeds to blame us for her mishap, and I was fired for telling the bride and her party how embarrassed I was over the incident and working there.
Now these 2 incidents came after taking almost a year off from the craziness of the job.I have developed an anxiety disorder over the years and have nothing but a **** load of crazy stories to tell.I loved the clients, but the co workers were a joke.
If you are considering the field for a career, think long and hard.This is not a career for the faint of heart!