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Posted By:chadfromnc_2000 on: 9/9/2009 5:15:17 PM

Author: Thread: 3rd week into being an assistant
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3rd week into being an assistant
Posted: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 5:15:18 PM

3rd week inton being an assistant
Posted: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 7:46:24 AM

Hello everyone,

so this is my 3rd week of being an assistant. i really like the salon and the people who work there... the down side is its about 40 minutes away from me and i dont see alot of walkins because its not in a high traffic area, clients come by word of mouth... its a boothrent salon so the stylist pretty much have the clients that they want.I'm really learning alot,i feel like im in school again except getting paid for it this time around. i have been learning to blow dry and style (working on the receptionist) and cutting bobs and placing foils  on my manniqueen . i do little things there like sweep, towels, opening packages and settig out products. i have been out of the field since 2005 so i feel like its a great place to get back into thee swing of things without haveing alot on me at once, and the owner said when i was ready to work on clients he would let me start out on commission and work my way to boothrent... im just affraid im not going to have clients since everyone i know lives about a hour or so away from the salon... any adivce???

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Posted: Wednesday, September 09, 2009 9:07:05 PM
There's an article in the business section called "What to do when nobody knows your name". It's got a ton of great advice - check it out.
The second thing I'd suggest to you is to get to know the people in the area around the salon. Frequent local businesses, hand out cards everywhere. Talk to the owner about cross-promotions with other businesses to get your name out there. If you're on Facebook, make sure that the salon information is on there as well. Being a non-Facebook user, I created a page for the business. It's a free way to make yourself known. If there's a related business in the area, talk to the owner or manager about running a staff incentive. The winner gets a makeover, courtesy of you. In exchange, you get the publicity of having their customers and staff see your work firsthand.
I could go on and on, as we have a new staff member that's in the process of building clientele herself. But check out the business articles. I've found them to be very helpful, and so has she.
Good luck!
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Posted: Thursday, September 10, 2009 8:37:56 AM

thanks jadekitty,

i was just wondering if driving 40 minutes to work is worth it, when i could be doin hair in my town. i couldnt find anyone around me that needed an assistant so thats why i choose the salon 40 minutes away... i wonder if i would do better at an ulta salon or jcp where i can get benefits an better pay? right now i get 7 bucks a hour and most of that goes to gas to get there lol lol, im learning things though, i think maybe if i stick around there till xmas to learn and then come back and find a salon in my town even if it is a ulta or jcp.

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Posted: Saturday, September 12, 2009 6:22:30 AM

if it is a good salon with potential for growth, why not stick to it?

it sounds like the owner is supportive, and there is a chance for you to learn.

i drive 40 mins to work, and i have done so for 13 years,because the salon is worth it.it's a good demographic, and a supportive setting.

only you know what is best for you,but any place you go is going to require commitment on your part,growing your clientelle through word of mouth etc. it's not going to happen overnight,no matter where you go.