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Posted By:Sonia_T on: 10/15/2009 12:24:47 PM

Author: Thread: I NEED ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!
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I NEED ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: Thursday, October 15, 2009 12:24:48 PM

I graduated from school in May '08. I am currently working in a hair salon to build my clientelle but I dont know if I should stay here or not because I feel like I'm going no where. Its a new salon and its been open since April '09. It's a small salon w/ 3 chairs and its just me and the owner working there but she is in the process of hiring a 3rd stylist. I have a few clientelle not enough to rent so I am working on 50/50 commission.

So here's the situation... during the interview process I got along with the owner. We clicked right away! I've always wanted to work at an upscale hair salon, where everyone there is very professional, and drama free ( yea.. i know thats hard to find) and thats what the salon was like.. until a couple of months later.. Her boyfriend started coming by almost everyday, there would be arguements sometimes, she would tell me her whole life story... and it actually got to the point where she was hardly there. She would never call me to let me know if she was coming in or not.. and if she wasnt coming in, I would have to call her cleints and reschedule her appointments for her. I started thinking like wth?? THE OWNER ISN'T SUPPOSED TO ACT LIKE THAT. She was looking for someone thats professional but she isn't at all. She actually called out one day because she didnt get enough sleep the night before from going out with her new boyfriend... plus she started working a second job bartending and she's hardly ever there.

AND ALSO... its soooooo slow there. Sometimes I would be there and I will make $0 for weeks. I'm sitting there half of the time doing nothing. So I started working a second job at Target to bring some income but I'm getting frusterated. I DID NOT GO TO COSMETOLOGY SCHOOL TO BE WORKING AT TARGET!!

So I dont know what to do.. I dont know if I should stay or look somewhere else because I really don't want to be jumping salon to salon. PLEASE HELP!

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Posted: Thursday, October 15, 2009 7:35:59 PM
i don't think you have to ask what to do, just read your post and realize this is a dead end! if the person running the salon is a mess,there is no stability.so she's got a second job, and now you have a second job.this is going nowhere. it's not jumping from salon to salon if you leave to go somewhere with a future.