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Posted By:girlrobotics on: 10/17/2009 9:36:59 AM

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Confused about what to do
Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2009 9:36:59 AM
I just got out of school last may and recently found employment in a mall chain salon. I enjoy being able to do hair in a salon and am good with my clients and my services, but I am having trouble making commission since I am new to the bussiness and am mainly working on walk ins right now. Due to being the most expensive salon in the mall and the economy being not very good right now, we are not doing well in walk in traffic. Even the other stylists have complained about their regulars not being so regular anymore. Then recently, they lowered the price of my haircuts. Right now I'm making minimum wage and and extremely unhappy with how this salon is being run and the fact that I work very hard for it to not pay off at all. I will have a position available for me at another chain salon in November where I can make twice the money but won't be able to do color, or I could assist at an Aveda salon nearby. Im unsure what I should do, since I've only been at this salon for a short period of time. The Aveda salons in my area aren't currently hiring assistants and I have a few clients that come to me for the color services I provide, and I don't want to turn them away for that service because I do hope to move up in this business and take my clients with me. I was wondering if anybody had any support or advice on what I should do. I don't want to hate what I do, but the stress of my new job is killing me.

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Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2009 8:11:49 AM
maybe you can look for a place where you can still do color, since you already have color clients. if you go to the 'make twice as much' place, but you are unable to perform color services, there goes half of your income...so you break even.also, if they charge a lot more, and are not in the clients' comfort zone, they most likely will not follow you unfortunately. and first you said you could assist in an aveda salon, then you said they are not hiring, so that's confusing.but if you assist, you will lose those clients also, and you'll be starting over. i think you should keep looking for a better match.i agree, having your prices cut,which makes it harder to make commission is not a good deal, and i would be looking to move on, but things are tough all over right now, so maybe get through the holidays and resume your search when there are better options.hang in there!

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good advice Pixanne
Posted: Sunday, October 18, 2009 10:53:59 AM

Good Advice Pixanne.

since the holidays are right around the corner I would jsut stick with the current place your at to at least save you from any extra stress that usually comes with the holidays... Im getting ready to start working for a JCP salon thats only 10 minutes from where i live compared to the 40 minute drive I was doing to be an assistant (which I wasnt getting alot out of and was costing me more in gas then what iwas making) so I quit but it did take me a few weeks to untill I got into JCP.   ALSO  I had looked into working for an Aveda close by and found out that they want you to either earn color or cutting from them but they didnt want you to do both :-(  i wouldnt ever want to limit myself to just one or the other. plus that cuts out clients that dont even do color.