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Posted By:darby on: 1/19/2010 10:25:28 AM

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Fired without merit
Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 10:25:28 AM
I know it is unprofessional in any field to speak negatively of places you worked. In all my years as an employee I have never been fired. I am still in my first year as a stylist. I was fired without merit. I could fight it but I don't want to waste time. I am now looking for a job while I am returning back to school for my teachers. What should I do? BTW I did love the people I worked with and had a good reputation.

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Need more details!
Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 11:02:10 AM
If you are asking for advice, supply some details. There are many reasons why a new stylist may be fired, or asked to leave a salon.

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Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 12:08:07 PM
continue on your path to find a new salon to work in while going for your teacher's license. no reason to look back,except to learn from the past and move on.

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Posted: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 8:30:40 AM
Be fired can feel terrible but there must have been several indicators things were not going right.

First, don't be hard on yourself. Take the time to gain your bearings. If you have been at this job less than a year DO NOT put it on your resume.

Along with getting fired you now have a clean slate to work with the way you see fit. Instead of being a round peg trying to squeeze into a square hole, you are free now to seek a better place.

However, take the tame to figure out exactly what went wrong so you don't make the same mistake at a new job. This requires being BRUTALLY HONEST with yourself or perhaps asking someone close to you or a former coworker (if possible) what you could've done better. Some NON NEGOTIABLE reasons for getting fired

Poor attendance, calling in sick repeatedly or coming in late leaving early even if there was no clients

Talking poorly about job, boss or situation to client or coworker

upbraiding the manager about pay/schedule/tips issues repeatedly

Self medication (LEGAL OR NOT) that would impair your performance. Even prescriptions can do this!

Keeping management unaware of severe personal issues (death in family loss of relationship), etc. that would affect your performance.

Not following your contract obligations

Look, I can't pretend to know how you feel but i CAN SAY that if you were unaware of the reason that they fired you then there is a serious disconnect YOU MUST DISCOVER so that you don't bring it along to your next job!

Oftentimes this is because we are in denial about our situation. Take a good hard look in the mirror so something like this never happens again. If you can't find it within yourself ASK others how you could've improved it before it got this way.

Good luck on finding a new job but don't beat yourself or feel vindictive about this one. Let go and use this as an example of self discovery instead.

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What do I do now?
Posted: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 2:22:38 PM
this just happened to me I was not fired without merit I was simply too slow I never ruined anyone's hair I took 30-40 mins for a haircut and did not reach my numbers. I have had my license for 2 years but for the first year I did mainly bridal work. Cutting was not a strong point to begin with which is why I chose to go with this chain salon to begin with to strengthen my cutting skills I felt like that was happening and feel far more confident than when I first started but now I have to deal with the issue that I was fired. I know this thread is pretty old but I am hoping that someone will give me some insight.

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Posted: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 8:24:25 PM
i would say keep looking for your fit, that salon wasn't right for you, nor you for it. chains are all about numbers and speed. you got some skills there, now look into a private salon and get your foot in the door. you don't have to mention how you came to stop working there, just that it wasn't working out. use references that will say positive things about your work ethic and leave the past behind you. there will be trials and errors along the course of your career, just keep on trying.