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Posted By:StylingWriterStacy on: 1/19/2010 10:05:46 PM

Author: Thread: Home hair-color we know it was you (From my blog it's funny...I think)
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Home hair-color we know it was you (From my blog it's funny...I think)
Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 10:05:46 PM

First, I know that times are hard on the boulevard, but what is it with the folks that want to come into the salon get a “FREE” consultation. Often they proceed to take up valuable salon time from paying clients by picking the brains of myself and fellow stylists. This so-called “consultation” comes complete with a debate and argue session followed by the promise to return for service. The goal for the… prospective client (eye roll) is to get just enough info to go home and color (or most of the time make an attempt at corrective color) their own hair?

Seriously, I can here my fellow stylists thanking me now. And….

NO! I will not recommend a good box color for you.

NO-Even though it says professional it is not “professional” unless there is a professional applying it. (note the huge color lacking spot at the back of your head) and even then the color sucks.

NO! I don’t have a favorite because I don’t use them!

Yes! That is exactly why your color is fading so quickly, drying out your hair and taking on funky shades Duh!

So there is that.
I’m sure there are some savvy folks out there who are able to color their own hair (somewhat successfully) at home but I have yet to meet them and let’s face it, usually it’s a one shot deal.

Usually the result of box color is a disaster, sure the top gets done but the back is undone. There are multi shades throughout the hair strand….I can go on and on but…

You know what? If you color your hair at home everyone can tell so just stop. Your roots are grey you’ve got an inch of some odd off color and your ends are five shades darker then the roots. You see it we see it and were all screaming STOP DOING IT!

And stylist you need to start charging a consultation fee instead of wasting your time and breath on someone who wants to save a few $$$. Your time, education and experience is worth $$$ and you can discount them the $$$ when and if they actually show up for an appointment.

Hope we all learned something about giving advise and taking it.

Check back for part 2 of this article "The Ugly Choice/Several Uses for Store Brand Shampoo"


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