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Posted By:styles on: 3/21/2010 5:25:23 PM

Author: Thread: AHHH
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Posted: Sunday, March 21, 2010 5:25:24 PM
Today was my first day back from foot surgery. They all know that I cannot put any weight on my left foot and it is really hard to get around. In five hours I was given ten kids cuts. I appreciate the business but i am struggling as it is. The $5 I make after they take their cut is not worth my time and the pain.

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Posted: Sunday, March 21, 2010 7:27:35 PM
sounds like the third level of hell.nice welcome back huh?i don't do kids cuts,but i feel for ya.

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Posted: Monday, March 22, 2010 2:33:58 PM
I know I don't normally do kids cuts either. I think they didn't want me to do any women or adults because they think it looks bad because i'm in a cast and can't walk by myself. so they don't want to give me real clients

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Posted: Monday, March 22, 2010 6:21:43 PM
So they're telling your regular clients to see someone else?

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Posted: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 11:56:44 AM
well no I'm a newer stylist so i'm not completely booked. but they are giving the adults and women to anyone but me. Even if others are open i get the kids. they think our clients will be uncomfortable having someone injured do their hair.