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Posted By:hello kitty on: 3/29/2010 4:21:32 AM

Author: Thread: Client calls cops...?
hello kitty
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Client calls cops...?
Posted: Monday, March 29, 2010 4:21:32 AM
I have been a professionally doing hair for about four years, I have worked on everybody from runway models, famous personalities, moms, to college students. I have moved around to much to establish any type of clientele and at this point booth rent is out of the question...(long story).

So, I moved from the L.A area to a small city, I figured I would keep things simple and get a job in a chop shop while I decided my next move. I soon realized that there were literally no men working in any of the chop shops in a 50 mile radius!

After six months of looking I landed a part time gig at a local chop shop.
With in the first week I had a client complain about the cut I did on her child. She claimed I missed a few long hairs on the crown, so my female co-worked went over my cut to make the woman happy. She paid with out tipping then left. The next day the family called the owners and complained about the cut stating they were going to the local papers to complain..etc

The following week a similar situation happened... two minuets into a fade my client verbally assaulted me, when one of my co-workers offered to take the cut over the client refused.

I tried to make the situation better by talking in a calm respectful manor. Eventually my client sprang up tore off her cape and proceed to shout obscenities and threaten me with violence. She left and twenty minuets later the police came. Yes, she call the police on me! I had to give a report and the took down my license number. Apparently she had been in two weeks prior for a cut and threatened to shoot one of the other employees who worked on her.

In the following week there were minor incidents where clients were obviously not OK with having a man work on them or there children. I was made to feel incompetent in front of co-workers and there clients.

People would act like I didn't know what I was doing when I would slide cut, dry cut,or use my carving comb, I suppose these aren't good things to do at a chop shop?

The final incident happened when a rude mother didn't like my approach to her child's trim (try cutting a straight line on a child who wont sit still), both her and her husband stood two feet form me glaring while I attempted to give there child a basic trim, after about three minutes into the cut the mother yelled at me and stopped the cut, she got my name and complained to her close friend the owners!

I was recently let go due to client complaints.

All of my co-workers stand behind me and my manager can't believe how rude the community was toward a male stylist.

As a side note:
I was always early for work , dressed professionally and carried myself in a calm professional manor. To this day I have not caused damage to a client or there hair.

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That is awful
Posted: Monday, March 29, 2010 8:01:10 AM
That is awful. I hope you found a better job. A lot of people don't want to pay so they will make up a reason. You being let go was a blessing in disguise. You are better than that. It would be better to work at Penny's or Regis. My first job was at Fantastic Sam's and they had a large sign stating the hair cut was free if you were not happy. Guess what, clients would chat and tell the stylists they were happy but when they went to pay they complained and got it free. You will weed out a lot of this problem when you get out of the chop shops for good. Good Luck

hello kitty
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Posted: Monday, March 29, 2010 3:02:31 PM
Yes, well I was hoping to just get a basic chop shop job to make a bit of extra income. This all has been crazy! There are very few men who even booth rent in my area and I can't justify $500.00 pr month right now.

I am a bit worried about doing hair in this community, because simply being a male stylist puts people on the defensive.

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Posted: Tuesday, March 30, 2010 7:36:34 AM
you were definitely out of your element in a 'chop shop', but i don't think your idea that it's because you are a man is accurate.men do best in this industry by and large. it was just a bad match. aren't there any salons that hire on commission out there? we don't have booth rent where i live, so it's alien to me. we all work on commission.