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Posted By:maneatrraction on: 4/12/2010 3:02:21 PM

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need to know??
Posted: Monday, April 12, 2010 3:02:21 PM
i have been a stylist for 11 years...  but for the past 2 years i have started renting a booth...  i supply everything for myself ... The owner does not allow us to sell our own products but gives a 15% commission. so i am only allowed to buy and use the products she sells.... the owner also makes us wear these hideous jacket smocks... she will not pay for any advertising so i started a website and have increased the salon business by like 20% in the past two months...(the owner  had to bring in another girl we are so busy).. and i did the advertizing for free... the  new girl didn't have anyone scheduled on her books the other day.. and i only had a few people so we were both handling the walkins... everyone was busy but me, and another walkin came in and the owner who is also a stylist looks at me and says u need to let the other girl take it because she really needs the money... i'm a single mom of two little boys and barely making it.. i stay late and clean because no one else does..(it's embarressing to me when i have clients come in and the salon is a mess) i help the owner with shampoos and stuff when i'm slow and she is really busy.. so pretty much i couldn't believe she was saying this to me... she also over heard me giving my cellphone # to one of my clients and told me i couldn't do that anymore that all the clients that come in are the salons clients not ours... the salon only has one phone and no call waiting and i could have been busy the other day if my clients could have gotten through to me to schedule their appt. then there is the issue with the air conditioning  she doesn't want to turn it on until it like 85 degrees in the salon ... so can anyone give me some advise.. please...is this the norm for booth renting...  

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Posted: Monday, April 12, 2010 9:58:53 PM
sounds like she's trying to have it both ways. hopefully on of the posters on here will have more advice for you on that. i am in a state where it is illegal to booth rent, so i don't know too much about that. check the threads on the booth rent section. usually you are an independant, not an employee.

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Booth Rental
Posted: Tuesday, April 13, 2010 5:19:55 PM

You are not being treated as a renter, you are being treated as an employee without recieving any of the benefits. A booth renter has certain basic rights and the first of those is the right to control your own clients. You have the right to have your own phone, schedule your own clients, advertize for your own clients, collect your own money and charge what you wish for your services and use whatever products you wish to perform your services. If the owner is saying that all clients belong to the salon, then you are an employee of the salon if you are doing salon clients. As a renter, you should not be using the salon phone. You should have your own phone or use your cell for your business. You should not be promoting or advertizing for the salon, you should be promoting yourself as an individual. All clients coming in because of your advertizing should be yours and yours alone.

 A salon owner has the right to set a standard of dress for the salon, but they do not have the right to set a drees code or require that stylists wear specific dress.

The salon owner does have the right to limit or prohibit the sale of retail by booth renters, but they cannot require renters to sell their products or use certain products in the salon to perform their services.

Booth rental is all about the amount of control placed upon the stylist by the owner. This owner is controlling everything, which makes you an employee of the salon. I would suggest doing some research about booth rental and having a long conversation with the owner or look for another salon to rent.

Also, what kind of booth rental contract do you have and what are the specifics of the contract?

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Posted: Thursday, April 15, 2010 12:43:45 AM
I agree with everything gd said. It really sounds much more like an employee situation, especially the part about you not being able to give out your phone number....

either way, this b*tch sounds like an awful person to work with. If she's you're employer, she's unethical because she's evading taxes and if she's your landlord she has no right to control your business in the ways that she does.

You need to get away asap. (Gather your client info first!)

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Posted: Thursday, April 15, 2010 3:49:49 PM
Where is the professionalism?Open your own Salon,it's not hard nor too expensive.I've had 3 separate places in the past 25 yrs.I did get out for a bit and reopened one last yr.Everybody is booth rent here and a bit lazy when it comes to building their biz.They profit from me promoting myself. When I did booth rent in the past I had my own phone line.That way I didn't have to keep answering their phone and my clients called me ,even when I sat on a beach in Mexico!Of course I had my book with me.