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Posted By:mullet_remover on: 4/16/2010 5:58:53 PM

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I could just cry!!!
Posted: Friday, April 16, 2010 5:58:53 PM


Ok, so I have no clue what to do...

I decided I was going to cut my clients hair dry because she is extremely picky and curly.  She sat down and told me how she doesnt know what she wants, nor can she explain what she doesn't.  She just told me that she was wanting the weight cut out (as she grabbed what she wanted cut) of this certain area. (She's one of those "I want a cut, but I don't want a cut" clients)  So I cut very little off the weighted area, giving a little internal layering so that she would feel lighter without feeling "cut".  Well, I let her feel it as we walked to the shampoo area so she could see if enough was off, and she freaked out on me saying that she felt bald.  (I didn't cut ANY off the bottom length cause I knew how she was) 

So after the shampoo, I sat her down and began to put product and finish the style.  She jumps up, rips the cape off and tells me that we aren't on the same page, wet and all leaves! 

I've never encountered this, and was devistated!  I am from an extremely small town, and have a very good reputation (especially with good customer service), but I'm so nervous with every client I touch now, cause she runs her mouth and I'm scared!  PLEASE HELP, any suggestions??




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Posted: Friday, April 16, 2010 7:39:03 PM
these things happen sometimes, you did your best, and knowing she was a freak, you were conservative with the cut.you know you did nothing wrong, don't worry about it.just let it go and have a better day tomorrow.