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Posted By:darcycasey@ymail.com on: 6/6/2010 10:44:30 AM

Author: Thread: Issues with coworkers?
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Issues with coworkers?
Posted: Sunday, June 06, 2010 10:44:30 AM

I just graduates beauty school, and landed my first job (I took whatever I could find, since I was 8 months pregnant when I graduated and was having a hard time finding work).  I'm located in a run-down mall salon, where we barely get walkins (two a day is lucky), and where the prices are rather high for the area. 

To top everything off, my coworkers (and boss!) are very unprofessional.  They talk about clients, what they did over the weekend, the party last night, their love lives, etc.  All of this either A.) while clients are in the salon, or B.) so loudly that people walking through the mall can hear them.  I've seen so many people walk past and look disgusted, or walk in and right back out. 

Well, I did some very nice highlights and a cut on two of my coworkers, as part of a "test" since I am new.  Since then, there have been a few customers that have loved the cut and highlights, and they requested the stylist who did them (ME).  I found out a few weeks ago that the other stylists I work with have been lying to these customers, and taking them for themselves. 

Thus, I'm not building a clientle.  And although I have been trying, I probably won't for a really long time if the mall keeps being dead and my walkins are stolen. 

I've only worked there for two months, and really hate to find someplace else so soon!  But I'm beginning to think I don't have a choice.  Is this going to look bad on a resume if I leave so soon?  What else could I do?  Any ideas would be great, thanks! 

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Posted: Sunday, June 06, 2010 2:51:19 PM
i think you already answered yourself, but to be sure, what are the benefits of staying?if it's not a match now, it most likely won't get better, so if you can find a better situation, go for it.just tell your next interviewer that it wasn't the kind of salon that you felt you could grow in, and you chose to look for a better fit.

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Posted: Monday, June 07, 2010 8:34:32 PM
I think most salon owners are actually pretty understanding about the fact that a recent beauty school grad doesn't know what kind of salon they want right off the bat. If I were you, I would just start submitting my resume and seeing what's out there.