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Posted By:stef1234 on: 6/20/2010 10:44:18 PM

Author: Thread: WHAT SHOULD I DO??
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Posted: Sunday, June 20, 2010 10:44:18 PM
So I work for my best friend. We both have the same work ethic and the same love for doing hair. I love my friend/boss dearly but Ive become abit worried about the salon. More so with who she has been hiring! We had for the last year this co-op student. In the beginning she was awesome, great worker didnt need to ask her to do anything she just did it and understood the job! BUT she started to get alittle too comfortable. Now mind you she is 18 years old so I understand at that age you do drink and party but it got to the point where she would miss out on work from drinking and not call and let anyone know where she was or just show up totally wasted. So my boss had called her Co-op teacher and they both sat her down and talked to her. SO things had change she was showing up and calling when she wouldnt be in. long story short my boss hired her on because she wanted to do hair and really seemed interested so instead of her going to hair school she is doing all her trainning at the shop. Slowly but surely she is creeping back into her same ole ways. This past saturday showed up tanked wearing the same clothes from the day before. Doesnt do a DAM thing when she is in other then shampoo the odd client.
I feel like shes making us look bad and that she thinks our job is just nothing but partying and socializing. Maybe Im just being hard on her cuz my apprenticeship was much more tougher and I worked my ass off. But I just wanna Shake my Boss/Friend and ask her what the hell she is thinking!!! the weekend before wee had a huge wedding party in 10 girls 2 stylists and she was no where to be found never called or nothing. What do I say to my boss to make her open her eyes shes making us look bad and she clearly doesnt give a **** about the job!

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Posted: Monday, June 21, 2010 7:59:14 PM
although it is your boss' decision, and she must be able to see the same things you are seeing, maybe you could mention how much the assistant's absence on the wedding day caused you to run behind, or that things are not clean, or that she has the same clothes on from the day before, etc etc.it's not your place to ask your boss why she is keeping the useless girl, but maybe if you point some stuff out, she'll take the blinders off. it is also her responsibility to teach the assistant/apprentice the proper way to behave in the salon i.e. how to act like a professional.