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Posted By:jayne6981 on: 9/21/2010 10:17:27 PM

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feeling so discouraged
Posted: Tuesday, September 21, 2010 10:17:27 PM

ive been out of school about 6 months now, when in school felt like there was a lot we werent learning. i've been looking to assist but havent found anything but recently was offered an interview as junior stlyist and asked back to perform "fake" color, foil, hair cut and blow dry for the owner to see how i work. The entire thing was awful, ive benn doing quit a few of my friends hair consistanly and they always love it and come back, i thought i had a decent grasp on what i was doing and now i feel like my world has crashed down on me. he didnt like the way i did a single thing. by the time the hair cut finally (2hr later) came around i was such a nervous stressed out mess i couldnt even focus on doing the cut the way he wanted me to perform it ( completely different from what i learned) and he did 95% of it then we didnt have enough time to even blow dry. my poor model was even feeling bad for me. i feel like everything i learned in school was wrong and im a complete mess 

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Posted: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 12:44:21 PM
keep looking for an apprentice/ assisting position that offers education to the staff. when you approach a salon, you'll want to have a resume printed up, walk in the door dressed for success, hair and make up done as professional looking as you can be. greet the receptionist, ask if the manager is available, to give your resume to. be as assured as you can, first impressions in thi s business are very important, so try to appear eager yet confident. ask if they have an apprentice  program, tell them you are newly licensed and are looking to learn more and ease your way to a jr stylist position. you are not ready yet, imo. there is a salon for you, keep trying.it's hard to get going in this business, but worth it in the long run.