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Posted By:doit on: 11/17/2010 7:51:43 PM

Author: Thread: bully boss what to do
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bully boss what to do
Posted: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 7:51:43 PM
Our owner is picking on one of our receptionists.  I've been here 6 years and this owner is the type of guy that just needs someone to poop on.  Many of the stylists think she is the best receptionist--goes the extra mile, clients love her, this is tearing me apart!  He has written her up with two warnings now with such vague things as not being a team player--total bullshit!  I suspect he wants her out because she is friends with someone else he bullied and fired....and he enjoys the power trip.  This is so unwarranted, other than he's a crazy S.O.B!!   I want to talk to him about it--if even to remind him how much stylists and clients think of her.  I think he needs to be called on this..he will just move on to his next victim.  Some think it will only make him worse, some are afraid to get involved, I'm really struggling with what to do.  I have one other stylist that said she would talk with him with me...I'd like to get more because I think there is strength in numbers.  Do I mind my own business or speak my mind...I hate to stand by and do nothing!  Please help.

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Yes..numbers count
Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2010 5:52:13 PM


I am going to make my comments based on 20 years of sales/management and as an owner in fields other than the hair business.

As a manger there is NO!! reason to demean another associate, period.

You and the other stylist DO have a voice, if constructed and delivered in a uniform assessment of the situation that the owner is not managing in the best interest of the salon As a group there is more weight and HOPEFULLY the owner will listen to everyones concers or issues. 

As a group you do have more power but ultimately if the owner does not care...ALL of you will be seritipously put to more scrutiny.

To speak or not to speak!!!! Tough call for most but I believe in what I stand for and that is not letting people get run over by BASTARDS.



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Posted: Thursday, November 18, 2010 7:57:23 PM
Thank You!  I've got a few people lined up that agree to be in on the meeting...if it goes badly, I will cop up to it being my idea and if I have to move on, so be it.  I plan to approach this as "maybe" the owner doesn't know the whole story and has been "misinformed" and how much the stylists and CLIENTS think so highly of this person and it would be a huge loss to lose her.  This gives him the chance to save face, I hope.