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Posted By:Tia133 on: 2/24/2011 4:44:04 PM

Author: Thread: Getting my friends to take me as a serious hairstylist
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Getting my friends to take me as a serious hairstylist
Posted: Thursday, February 24, 2011 4:44:04 PM
So I am currently a student at paul mitchell school and even though I just started school in september but I'm having trouble building up my clentel. I have friends who say they want me to do there hair but the constantly cancel on me. I try to be professional but they where my friends before I even started school. So far I only have 1 regular client.  I have passion for what I do and I just want my friends to just give me a chance and let me create a little magic for them.  HOw do I get them to trust me with there hair? I always put photos on facebook of my work ? how should I handel my friends who make appointments with me then cancel at the last minute?

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I have the same problem
Posted: Friday, April 01, 2011 8:35:34 PM

At first my friends were all excited about me going to cosmetology school.  When I got to the senior floor and said they could come in and get their hair done for dirt cheap, they all scattered like I had the plague.  I felt like I was chasing them down and downright begging them to come in.  I stopped asking after a while. 

I chalked it up to them not trusting my skill and were afraid I would mess their hair up.  Even though I would never take on anything I couldn't do while in school. 

Once I got my license I thought it would be different.  Especially from the friends that wanted me to do their hair.  But no such luck. 

Is that a bad sign?

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Posted: Friday, April 01, 2011 8:54:31 PM
its possible

Remy Blue
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Posted: Friday, April 01, 2011 11:15:05 PM
Every Student/Stylist goes thru that... Although teachers may tell you to get your friends to come in, I always advise students to get people other than friends and family. Friends and Family can get messy. @ First they don't trust you. Then when you get better and they see some potential, they might let you "practice" on or "play" with their hair. And once you get licensed and try to make a living doing it, good luck trying to get them to pay full price and take your business seriously.

Like the old adage says... Business and Pleasure(aka friends and family) don't mix.
Look for clients outside of your circle of friends and family!!!