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Posted By:aussie10024 on: 2/25/2011 12:37:09 PM

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My First Hair Job
Posted: Friday, February 25, 2011 12:37:09 PM
Here is the story about my first hair job. I plan to blog at http://myfirsthairjob.blogspot.com/

I graduated from hair school in December and got my temporary hair license a couple of weeks ago. Finally. It takes forever for the State of New York to do anything. Hard to believe that they need six weeks to cash a check and mail out a piece of paper. Yes, it's an automatic process.

Getting a hair license in New York is fairly simple--but time consuming. You need to spend 1000 hours at cosmetology school studying hair, skin, nails and after you know the theory, practice on customers. When you: "Do your time," you get a certificate and some papers that you send to the Department of State with $20. They then send you a temporary license which lets you start work while you wait to do the written and practical tests.

This this process is automatic, and is designed to get you into the workforce while you wait to complete the tests you'd think this would be fairly quick. Hard to believe that it takes six weeks--and you can't work while you wait. Anyhow, my license arrived and I was invited to do the written test in six days. SIX DAYS! Like I'm ready.

But since the written test is only held once a month, and I might fluke it, I decide to go for it. This test consists of 100 multiple choice questions, so I have a fairly good chance at passing. There is a morning and afternoon session, and since you can do both, I go for it. Anything is better than waiting another month if I fail. There are 10 people in the morning, and 65 in the afternoon. You have three hours, but just about everybody is out after an hour. There are only three people from the morning in the afternoon. I can't believe that people would rather wait another month if they fail, than spend an extra $15 since both tests were completely different.

To say the least, my results arrived and I passed both tests. Maybe I should have skipped the afternoon session and saved the $15. Now, I just have to wait for New York to tell me when I can do the practical test. But I can work--awesome.

Since I don't want to work for a chain, I've decided to see what's available locally because I want to be able to walk to work. We have only one car, and with the huge amount of money that I'll make as an assistant, I don't want to waste money on gas or spend time commuting to work.

TI start by visiting the salons within a mile of my home. After all, there are six on my street and more than 100 within a 30 minute walk. I print out 20 resumes and start walking.

I go into the first salon and give hand my resume. "Sorry, not looking," says the receptionist, "but come back in the Spring. Things are really dead right now." The next salon says: "Leave your resume, we'll call." The next guy is really friendly but suggests I go to the city. After I tell him that I want to walk to work, he says: "Don't we all!." And so on and so forth. It's definitely not as easy as it looks, but since it's a numbers game, I soldier on.

As I walk, I come across a salon that looks like an old ice cream store that looks way to upmarket for me. I take the plunge and walk in. The person behind the desk greats me with a big smile and when I ask if they're looking for assistants, says: "Hold on, you need to talk to Anna."

Anna comes to the desk, smiles and says: : "Are you licensed?" I reply: "Yes." She looks at my resume and goes: "Awesome." We'll call you.