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Posted By:georgesmom on: 8/4/2011 2:23:10 PM

Author: Thread: please give me your feedback
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please give me your feedback
Posted: Thursday, August 04, 2011 2:23:10 PM
This career can really wear you down if you let it.  I am finding my clients (these are clients that are fairly new to me and they came to me complaining of their previous hairdresser) are getting more and more difficult to please. They like it when they leave, and weeks later they decide that it just isnt what they want....many times I have done exactly what these types want, and when they tell me they don't like it I fix it for free!...I have repeated many times for free just to please these people...always the same ones!...This one in particular I gave a color, hilight, and haircut for the price of a hilight, just to please her and keep her, she complained about money so i thought id rather make something than nothing! She cancelled today saying she just wasnt happy with the hilights and they didnt take (6 weeks ago! um I would have fixed them)  I actually did my regular service on her PLUS a wax and raised her regular price 10$....I am wonderin if she was upset with me for charging more, so she cancelled!  You know, I am by no means picking and choosing my clients, but why is it that the ones that I really don't enjoy and look forward to so much, always turn out to be the same types of people? I bend over backwards to please them, I don't gossip, I don't backstab, and I am fair....yet you just can't make them happy!....You know what really bothers me about this is she will go somewhere else and get it done, and I can't stand the thought of someone badmouthing my work, when I know how I aim to please and I do good work.   It has been my personal experience that MANY. not all hairdressers like to bash other hairdressers work...I always hated that, and I will not do that!  Does anyone out there share my experiences, it helps to know you arent alone!  by the way funny additive to my story, this particular client messed around with my then husband 27 years ago, and has no clue that i was his wife...and lets just say, she didn't age well!  kinda funny to me and. Life is strange and it sure is a small world.   o well. I would rather do good work and give 100% than be the most popular and a not so nice person..thanks for listening i needed to vent...jen

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Posted: Thursday, August 04, 2011 7:03:07 PM
all i can say is- stop bending over backwards! stand behind your work, and don't let clients walk all over you for freebies. if the complaint comes within a week, there is no charge for a true correction. if it is a change of mind to something else coz they just didn't like it after they got what they asked for, it's a new service and a new charge. if it is after a week, it is a new service. period.charge what you are worth and don't shy away from being successful. if these leeches leave you then good!clients who are willing to pay for services rendered will be in their place.

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Posted: Friday, August 05, 2011 6:00:33 AM
Thank you Pixanne...you are right, and I know these people are running a cycle from salon to salon, complaining about the previous HD, I don't need the aggravation! I appreciate your input....Have a great day! (and I will as well!)