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Posted By:longwaysawayfromhome on: 10/21/2011 5:52:26 PM

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New salon...feel like getting ripped off
Posted: Friday, October 21, 2011 5:52:26 PM
Alright to start off I graduated school in May of 2010. I worked for over a yr at a small salon half way across the country. I just recently moved to the other half of the country to go to school and continue my education in business. I started at a salon right across from the campus and it's only busy at night and when school is in. Any ways... there is a commission bracket that goes on what you've earned for that week otherwise you get min wage of 8.25/hr. The commission bracket is $550 - 35%, $700 - 40%, $900 - 45%, $1000 - 50%, $1400 - 52%. Now i'm not stupid I know in this small town I will NEVER hit these goals as I'm a full time student and working 25 hrs a week. At my previous salon I was making 50% comm on weekdays, 60% on Saturdays, or min wage whichever was higher. (i went to school while working there as well) I don't agree with this at all and am not sure what to do. I honestly can't afford doing bad in school to make crappy money but then again I don't want to just quit and be a salon hopper.
Some advice would be amazing !
Thank You!

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Posted: Friday, October 21, 2011 7:28:28 PM
what are your options if you leave this salon, are there salons in the area that have better foot traffic or more commission? does it really matter if people think you're a salon hopper if you are looking for what you need? are you planning on making hairstyling your career? i say find what works for you, make sure of the payscale before you join on.