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Posted By:lifesnotchess on: 10/31/2011 11:41:04 PM

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Seeking advice from experienced stylists
Posted: Monday, October 31, 2011 11:41:04 PM
I am writing this post because I am seeking advice from stylists that have a lot of experience in this industry. I have been licensed and working for a little over two years now. The first year I spent working in a major city in a fashion forward salon with stylists that were very talented and inspiring...the second and current year I have moved to a small town and am working for a discounted corporate type walk in chain. I feel very unhappy and uninspired at my current job but don't have much clientele that would allow me to work in a private salon. I have tons of extended education, motivation and ideas that I am unable to express at my current job. I feel incredibly underpaid, misunderstood and unappreciated. My coworkers are not at all passionate about what they do. The problem I am having is that I am planning to relocate again in less than 2 year and it seems silly to work so hard to try to get into a private/different salon and make that work. The company I work for is a large corporation and I could be provided with many transfer opportunities which could be helpful in this economy. I do receive education at my current job and a guaranteed wage...I just am tired of the low compensation and bad/no tips. What would any of you do in this situation? I partially feel bad for complaining because I have a job and so many people are unemployed these days. What are ways you suggested I stay inspired in such an uninspiring enviroment? Any thoughts, comments or similar situations for feedback would be appreciated.

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Posted: Tuesday, November 01, 2011 4:35:27 PM
it's a shame you had to leave the first place, and that you'll be leaving again at a point when you might be gaining a following. i guess you are doing this for someone else's career. although my first instinct would be to suggest that you work from the bottom up in a private salon, you don't have time for that, so i suppose you should stay in the corporate salon setting and get what you can out of it until you can settle down somewhere and really work on building your career. my suggestion would also be to work some freelance if you can, get a portfolio going, so when you move you can show your work and demonstrate your ability to the next salon.plus it allows you to be more creative than a walk in salon might allow. i hope you don't have to move all the time in the future.