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Posted By:keiferkat on: 1/4/2012 5:49:13 PM

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stupid people
Posted: Wednesday, January 04, 2012 5:49:14 PM
A client who has long hair brought her college age 22 year old daughter in with long hair. I was busy so my coworker did it. The mom left and my coworker looked at her picture and it was a  bob the same length all the way around just above her shoulders. The daughter has very thick hair. The daughter said you need to thin it because I have a wave that lays better afer you thin it. He had cut and flat ironed it and was fine tuning it. The mom came back and was giving him go to hell looks. I was through with my client and every question I asked was met with one word answers. I said you did not want her to cut her hair and she said my daughter is going to be sad. My coworker picked up the thinning shears and hit the hair once and the mom said stop! You have done enough! My daughter is crying. The haircut looked exactly like the picture! They paid but were very angry. They said they were going to see another hairdresser. My coworker has been doing hair 14 years and is a perfectionist. He kept asking what's wrong with it, Ill fix it and they said it did not look like the picture and she said she looked like a 10 year old boy. (She didn't) He said there wasn't a problem till the mom showed up. The mom wears her hair in an 80's shag. She thinks everyone should have long hair. When she brought her in she kept asking are you sure you want to cut your hair all off?? There was nothing wrong with the haircut! Why do people act like this?