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Posted By:cutsup on: 1/30/2012 10:59:12 AM

Author: Thread: how to "fire a client"
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how to "fire a client"
Posted: Monday, January 30, 2012 10:59:12 AM
i dont work for myself ,rather a corporation.been doing hair quite a while with many many clients.have some clients that are so rude to me .i am a professional,but have some clients ,like say i do their ex wifes hair too or ex somebodys hair.when they try to get me involved i tell them i dont get involved in such things that i am just a hairdresser.i would never ever get involved with a clients life ,that is simply not my job ,i am there to do their hair .
what i want to know is how can i "fire" a client when i have so many corporate restrictions on me ?like i recently had a woman for a haircut that rescheduled 7 times!7 freakin times?and she was still allowed to "get an appointment "with me.there are clients that severely abuse appointments and i still have to sit there with a smile on my face and take them ,not allowed to say anything about it to them!any ideas?another client arrived 45,yes 45 minutes late for an appointment,still expecting me to take him.well i can tell you i saw him way before he saw me and went shopping.he went to someone else and i saw him rescheduled on my book again!
tell me what could you say to a client when you have so many restrictions placed on you??i have heard of people sending letters to a client (lmao)and worse...

Remy Blue
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Posted: Monday, January 30, 2012 5:58:53 PM
Talk to your manager about the situation. I'm sure he/she doesn't realize this is happening. When i was in a corporate salon, i had this happen several time.

Had a referral client book 3 hours of my time and kept cancelling(4 times). When I saw her name again, I told the manager and receptionist about the situation and that i needed her to leave a non-refundable(50%) deposit for her appointment. She came in, left her $$$ and actually showed up 4 her appointment.
I had a client that was constantly late, and when she came in 30-45 min late, I told her that she would have to reschedule. Its not fair to be late for the on-time client scheduled after her. That's when it becomes the salon's job to see if another stylist is available to service her.
There are ways to deal with the corporate rules. and There are ways to deal with clients that take advantage of corporate stylist. Never send a letter, deal with it head on. Make a call, call them out on the b.s., but always be polite and do it with a smile. And talk 2 your manager.

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Posted: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 10:02:06 AM
i have spoken to the manager ,its like they dont care.its absolutely trilfing some of these people showing up that late.i dont mind 10 min,but anything after that ,really gets under my skin.i dont usually take someone after 10 min late .i am not in a situation where i could change salons.i have a large clientele at this corporate place and i take appointments.
i have been told i cannot say anything to these people.the 7 times rescheduling client ,i just want to tell her to just call me the day she wants an appointment and see if im available!but told i cannot even say this.sometimes i am booked up a week or more in advance,some of these people are wasting my time .i try to get every client to rebook.some of them learn when they just call and want to get in that this isnt the best way to see me!and a few times a week i get no shows,they lost their appt after being 10 min late.honestly ,and ive been in this field 20 years now ,i am still laughing about the 45 min late guy.i was hoping he wouldnt rebook,but he did.had a feeling he would still try to come almost an hour late.dont regret leaving early that day ehehheeheheh.maybe this man looks down on me because i dont work at a snob shop and because hes a lawyer.i have to admit sometimes i laugh inside when they call me and i cant get them in for "weeks"!i do everything i can for my clients and accomdiate a lot of them,but i am tired of taking crap from some of them.i put on the "show"when im at work ,then i clock out and go home.dont get me wrong i like my job .i would just love to tell some of these clients where to go!
remy,they know and they dont care.i was raised no matter how people treated me or what they say to me keep a smile on my face and whatnot.at this point in my life ,and yes im still young ,i would love to work renting a booth or at least a higher end salon,but not possible right now.

Remy Blue
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Posted: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 9:35:54 PM
There are clients that know they can get away with things like that @ corporate salons, so they will always go to them.
Last resort for me would be what I called a friendly cold shoulder. Keep smiling. Greet the client, ask what they are getting done, and let that be the extent of your conversation through the service. If they ask you questions, stick to 1 word answers. Keep smiling! When done, say Thank You, and don't offer to rebook.
As 4 the client that keeps rescheduling, if there is another client that wants that appointment, then let them have it. You can then call that rescheduling client and give her the option of another time or another stylist. and If she wants another time, make sure its @ the end of your day so you can leave early when she doesn't show.
I've been through the same thing as you, and i know how frustrating it could be

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Posted: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 10:08:51 PM
great advice!