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Posted By:raegirl186@hotmail.com on: 2/9/2012 11:01:10 PM

Author: Thread: worst color client ever!
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worst color client ever!
Posted: Thursday, February 09, 2012 11:01:10 PM
A week ago I had a client come in for a color and hi-lite/low lite. We had done a consultation and of course she wanted Jennifer Aniston Blonde. At a level 5 I know it takes more than one visit to do a service like that and make it look identical and this was explained to her in front of another stylist who happened to be sitting up front. I had told her the best way and most efficient way to get her there would be to do a heavy foil with 2 colors a Carmel blonde and sand blonde. She had said that she had that done before and it didn't look good. So this tells me maybe blonde isn't a good color for her. She "insists" it's to be done all over and put a low lite in.( I wonder if she wants my job?) Reluctantly I agree, I don't know why because I knew before I started that it wouldn't turn out as light as she wanted. The big day comes and right off she says she is scared. Red flag! I shouldn't have done it. so long story short 3.5 hours later and as blonde as possible for a level 5 all over bleach and tone, maybe a level 9g for visual purposes, she says she can't handle it and wants to go back brown!!! Are you kidding me? ok so after filling and redepositing her color I advised her that it maybe a tad dark on the ends but will lighten up, also that it may fade fast due to what we had done to her hair that day. The next day I get an email stating that she HAD to go to another salon and get it fixed because it was too dark and when she washed it, it was 2 different colors.Also she says that everything I did except the cut was wrong! How does she know? is she a stylist? How does that happen? She doesn't thing she should pay for the service. So me being the person I am write back and said I wouldn't cash her check and glad she got what she wanted. In the end I know I should have went with my gut and not done the service because I knew it wouldn't turn out due to the method she insisted on and wasted 5 hours of my time on someone like that.I've been doing hair 13 years and feel I know my color line very well and have a good foundation. Any constructive advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

Remy Blue
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Posted: Friday, February 10, 2012 12:58:39 AM
I think you should have done a better consultation. As stylists, we often see things differently than our clients. We see golden, neutral, pale tones. We see subtle hi-lites and low-lites. We see darker roots and the hombre technique. We see level 7 dark blondes and level 10 light blondes. Clients don't see that, all They just see Jennifer Aniston blonde. I find that when it comes to celebrity color references, there should be a picture to go by, as ms. Aniston has been many different blondes.
I also think you may need to work on your communication skills. If you knew that you couldn't give her what she was insisting on then you should have told her. Then you could have given her some alternatives, since clients don't know all of the techniques that we know. When a client says they don't like something, that is your opportunity to find out why they don't like it and gives you insight as to what they are really looking for. Sometimes clients don't even know what they want or how to communicate what they really want. But it all starts with a really thorough consultation.

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Posted: Friday, February 10, 2012 9:52:17 PM
lesson learned- never let a client tell you how to do your job! you should inform the client of her options in the consult, and if those options do not sound good to her, then you are not going to do the service. it's a shame that the whole disaster was avoidable.