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Posted: Saturday, March 20, 2004 1:05:00 PM
Has been pretty much what i've been going thru this week. So far, it seems every single head of hair i have cut has been extremely thick, curly and fuzzy, and they all want sleek bobs. >< they all want it cut off and cute.
(they all come in with it straightend) And so i say, so hows your hair. i see its very thick, and how about your curl. They ALWAYS say, "well, its not really a curl, more like a wave."
So I tell them "um...its gonna curl...i can thin it quite a bit, but, that might make it even more fuzzy, so...are you going to flat iron it everyday? "

They say of course, it straightens soooo easily yadda yadda yadda and go on and on about how they really want it short and cute and flippy and bobbish and always chin length.

So, i cave in, and of course, after thinning out 20 lbs of hair, its still uber thick, i cut the hair, it inevitably curls, they look like they are going to cry and still say they love it, meanwhile im just wanting to stab myself with my scissors because i hate doing this type of hair, and i really hate trying to make hair do something that its just not going to do.

Im thinking I should just be like NO! and stand my ground. Im such a push over :(


have fun
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Posted: Sunday, March 21, 2004 7:35:00 AM
Whenever my "gut" tells me "maybe this is not the best idea..." I kick myself for second guessing it and in the end no-ones happy. At times clients ask for things that are not necessarily impossible, however how much time will a curly haired client really put into straightening their hair everyday. Maybe you could ask them that next time.?

The novelty for them wears off quickly because their hair can definitely be "high maintenance" if they try wearing it straighter.

I used to be afraid of curly hair and now I am not. It's wild and has a mind of it's own. (gee..that sounds like me.) I now recommend products to them that are specifically meant for their hair type and try to educate them...so maybe in the long run they will love what it is that they are born with.

You can find some wonderful products on WWW.REDKEN.COM

So, it really is o.k. to say "no" if in the long run it truly will not work for them and their life-styles.

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Posted: Sunday, March 21, 2004 1:53:00 PM
maggie-i know how you feel, i'm one of those stylists who dosen't say know to anything (hair wise that is!) If i were you, i would pay extra attention to the finish. Use smoothing products. Paul Mitchell has a great new product, super skinny. Wash their hair with that, put the super skinny serum in, and cut the hair, and dry it carefully with a flat brush. Then put some gloss drops in and flat iron the hair. Will they do this every day at home? Their is a good chance they won't, but you at least gave them a great look in the salon, so they think your a genius.
God bless

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stupid hair is my hair
Posted: Thursday, January 20, 2005 7:10:53 PM

the stupid hair you are complaining about is my hair. i was always the one begging for the hair that belonged to the girl on magazine. i am only a student but this is what i know. there will always be girls like me b/c curly hair can not have the sexy "hair blowing in the wind" effect. recently i have learned this from a very good friend. give them a trim, odds are it is very needed. i use biolage shampoo and conditioner for thick coarse hair. use some matrix sleek look and some paul mitchel super skinny, blow dry with lots of precession and a flat brush then pick up a chi straightning iron and work your magic. it's beautiful. she won't do it everyday so get her to try some gel and big sexy hair root lifter then blow dry it. she can do that at home and it will bring life back to her curls.  then she can have the best of both world and you are a genius. 

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stupid hair
Posted: Thursday, December 01, 2005 10:11:54 AM

If you strongly believe that your clients hair won't do the style that they want, then my suggestion is, don't do it. Your integrity as a stylist should mean more, than someone who will do anything her clients want her to do.  As stylists, we also have an obligation to be educators to our clients. We need to let them know that if they want a particular style, and seeing as how their hair won't naturally go into that style, then they will need to do the work to get the style that they desire. If they are not willing to do the work, then you shouldn't do the hair cut.  You could also recommend that if they really want straight hair, that they could invest in getting a chi straingtening service.  This can be an expensive service depending on how long their hair is, but it is well worth it, since the hair is basically chemicall straightened using the chi iron, the only hair that ends up being curly is the new hair growth, which the client can straighted with a chi flat iron.  I have seen a client of the salon have this service done, and it is  5 months later and it is still straight. 

I hope this helps. 

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Posted: Sunday, December 04, 2005 7:45:49 PM

I do relaxers all the time for people with this texture hair. You don't even have to relax it straight if they want the versatility of their curl. You can do a relaxer just to reduce bulk but keep the curl. It won't be as curly as before but curly enough.

A relaxer doesn't eliminate styling but does cut the styling time in half. Have them buy a flat iron for straight days and a diffuser for curly days. Also they should have the right product for curly days and the right product for straight days. More money in your pocket and a client who thinks you are a god. If this is too much of an investment for your client that's ok too. Just expalin to them they don't have the right hair for the cut and why, then show them pictures of haircuts that will work for them. You are still a god because you gave them the "only haircut that has ever worked for their hair" but also you have kept them as a client. You are the expert, prove it to your client.

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Posted: Wednesday, April 04, 2007 12:51:47 PM
Bronze member what chemical product do you use for straightening I so far have not found one that works for me. Thank you