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Posted By:icarus on: 2/12/2005 2:41:22 PM

Author: Thread: Freezing Spray or a trip to the Hardware store?
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Freezing Spray or a trip to the Hardware store?
Posted: Saturday, February 12, 2005 2:41:22 PM
I'm interested in creating some sculptural hair pieces to be used on a competition updo and can't seem to get the hold I'm looking for.  When I see some of the incredable styles hitting the runway with gravity defiying height I'm floored!  I'm still a student and am just getting started so any advice would be great.

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Posted: Saturday, February 12, 2005 6:10:48 PM

1. Thick, snooty gel and mold you hair pieces into the shape you want (around balloons for example then pop the balloon) and let it dry hard.
2 Egg whites, but don't get them too hot or they may "cook".
3. Lot's and lot's of hairspray, until it's wet, then let it dry, then spray it again, the trick here it to build the strength up through layers of product (hairspray) as opposed to one single layer.
4. Spray lacquer, but this stinks while your using it and you have to work with layers of product as well. but really, really shiny.
5. Built the strength up through layers of hairspray (aerosol) and oil sheen. This is what was done in olden days of roller set competitions, spray the hair till you can't breathe and the hair is throughly coated, then spray with a light EVEN layer of oil sheen (not silicone shine spray), then hairspray again, oil sheen, hairspray then oil sheen then hairspray then oil sheen. Through repeated processes of the two it will build up a nice pliable coating of product that will allow you to lightly tease and style into huge shapes.
6. Coat the hair with gel or wet firm hairspray then flat iron into a board shape, the sound and steam will be kinda freaky, but if you want it stiff....
7. Mold your base shape out of wire and build you hair piece around the wire form.

Most of this will have to be done on hair pieces as making a model sit under a hood dryer for 6--8 hours while you basket weave dries is just cruel and unusual punishment.

I'll see if I can dig up some of my freaky hair pictures and post them to my website. Give me a day or two. With any luck...

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Posted: Sunday, February 13, 2005 3:57:35 AM
I have used wood varnish successfully on hair wefts to get that supper glossy finish and a super firm result. You can wrap cling wrap ( the stuff that is used in the kitchen) around hairspray cans then wrap the hair pieces around the can and paint with varnish, one coat is ussually enough and by using water based varnish it will be dry in a few hours then slide off and peel away the cling wrap. or paint flat and shape as you pin on to the models hair.

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Posted: Sunday, February 13, 2005 6:42:41 AM

Thank you!  That's the stuff they just don't teach in class.  I am a new student and have found myself involved in a competititon the end of Feburary.  I'll try these suggestions, bang some hair, and find what works best for me.  I'll keep you posted...


p.s. great sight Maven!