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Posted By:julieanne on: 7/26/2005 6:20:12 PM

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gaining confidence-- help!
Posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 6:20:12 PM
I just graduated a month-and-a-half ago from an outstanding cosmetology school, and was offered a job right away from the place I chose to intern at while finishing up school. I have been told that I know so much for just coming into the industry and have made several people happy with cuts, color, etc. but I still lack the confidence I think I need.

Whenever I get done with a cut or color, I feel like I have to ask the guest five or six times if they like it, if there's something they see wrong about it or if they'd like anything else. I know I throw off this nervous energy, but I try to fake it as best as I can. How in theeee heck can I gain more confidence and not beat myself up and be such a frickin perfectionist with every guest that comes in? I feel like I almost can't breathe during a cut or color, and it's relief to me to hear the guest say they actually like it, yet I still feel like there should be something wrong with my work and can't accept any compliments because I'm a beginner.....

sorry if this sounded like i was rambling or repetitious..... any advice on how i can gain confidence?

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Posted: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 8:38:58 PM

I certainly know how you feel.  Seems to me that time was the only thing that cured that for me.  Here is one thing that helped me alittle, I found a stylist in the salon who was very confident in her work, weather it deserved so or not, some people are just more confident than others, and I listened to how she spoke to her clients.  Listened to her wording, its ok to copy them for a while until you can get your own grove down!  It will also come when you have more of an establishede clientele and you just feel more comfortable with people.  Good Luck


Ms R
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Posted: Thursday, September 01, 2005 7:43:42 AM
Pleeeeessss! Don't continue to ask your clients if there is anything wrong with the service!!!!!  That is just asking for complaints.  And only ask once if they are happy, and accept the answer.  Your confidence will grow with your clientele.  Calm down and remember to Breathe!!!


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Posted: Friday, September 02, 2005 9:10:47 AM
It's very important that you practice confidence in attitude and expression. Often, when we do a new cut or color on a client, they will mirror our attitude about it. If it's new, they will take some time getting used to it. They will feel apprehensive about whether they should have made such a big change. If you are not confident about it, they will feel that you've done something wrong or made them look foolish. Your confidence and praise will go a long way to making them feel terrific about their new look. (then of course, they go home and some husband, boyfriend, mother will say they don't like it and they will feel bad again, but that's the way it is) Try to hold your lips together when you feel less than adequate. Instead, think of ways to praise their new look. Enlist other stylists (before-hand) to wander by and praise the new look. People like to be admired. Just don't feed into the client's insecurity with your own.

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Posted: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 7:15:22 PM
i know this is easier said than done, but just relax and act like everything you do is fabulous.  if you act like the color or cut is great chances are they will too.  also we have a new stylist right out of school and we really talk her up to our own clients so they trust her.  this, in turn, makes all of our clients feel like all or our stylists are great.

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Posted: Wednesday, September 07, 2005 7:22:38 PM

here's a phrase i heard Geno Stampora say in a Brocato class back when i first started in the 90's:
  if there's anything you don't like about what we've done with your hair today, PLEASE tell me-if not, please tell everyone else!!!

this way you're covering the outcome in two ways-ensuring they like it as well as asking for referrals because of it.

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Posted: Tuesday, October 10, 2006 5:56:20 PM

Definetly learn to calm down. If you keep asking your client if he/she is happy, that is a red flag you have no idea what your doing. Even if your not comfortable, act as if you have been doing it for 100 years. A simple how's that? or good?...will do. I also found that a quick summery of the service after you have finished helps as well. This will let the client know that you are confidant with your own style.

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Practice and watch
Posted: Sunday, October 22, 2006 10:26:02 AM

I really believe in practice . The more you practice your skills the more confident you will become. the listening to other more conf. stylists is great advice also.  Believe me if the client hates it most will tell you, you will see it on their face,  but also remember you can't please everyone all the time. After all if we were perfect we would be goddeses and no one treats me like a goddess so I must not be perfect....If you did the best job you can and learn in the process it will come. while your still nerved just try to curb how much you say and how you say it.