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Posted By:xpressionista on: 10/16/2005 9:51:38 PM

Author: Thread: unprofessional stylists ( i dont know if i should put this here?)
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unprofessional stylists ( i dont know if i should put this here?)
Posted: Sunday, October 16, 2005 9:51:38 PM

I am in the application process @ toni & guy, and i needed a haircut. The salon that I currently work in does NOT specialize in haircuts.  They specialize in braiding so i get all cuts, chems, etc.  I went to a chain salon earlier today to see if I could get a nice short cut, no clippers, no trimmers, just something that I caould shampoo flatiron, not have to curl, just blow and go.  When I approached, there were 2 employees sanding outside, asking "what do you need?" i told them i wanted a haircut and brought them a picture of the stlye i wanted to achieve.  They pointed to a girl on the phone across the room and said go over there.  I walked over to the area they pointed in and the girl on the phone told whoever she was speaking with that she would call back in 3 minutes so she could cut this ladies hair.  I told her i hope it takess more than three minutes.  I told her what i wanted and she cut me off at every sentence, saying things like whatever, yeah i can do it okay, yeah, i HATE doing other stylists hair.  I told her that I need it to be right so that I could meet with a GM on monday, and she replied so what you want to be a hairdresser or something.  I told her that Im already a hair artist and I need a haircut.  She walked me to her station, which was extremely messy, even used towels in the chair and on the counter, and said ok let me wash and mold your hair. I told her that I would like a razor cut, so I would like for it to be wet, and she replied whatever, then again stated how much she hated cutting and styling other stylists.  Then she proceeded to take a comb from under the soiled towels and said let me see what im working with. I ducked the comb (clean or dirty?) and told her that I had to go outside and call my boyfriend whos also a stylist and ask him about the cut i was to receive.  She responded, youd bettr not bring him in here cause i cant take both of yall.  Tell him he cant come in here. I left and almost came to tears.

I left and went to a competing salon. I got my hair cut to satisfaction, and the lady was very sool and concerned to my needs. she did a great job.  Im new to my area so I dont know which salons are good or not, but I used to work for both of the chains.  I can say that the first salon caught me offguard by talking to me in that manner, especially since the way they were acting is considered inappropriate in the two salons i worked in before in the same chain. 

This was an eye opener to me, and it made me reflect on the way that I treat my clients.  I always consult, listening to what they want, then give a professional insight into any modifications should be made.  I try my best to make them feel important, whether they work at mcdonalds or if they are a supreme court justice.  I am grateful that they warm my seat and I try my best to give my money's worth.  Maybe I need to get accustomed to the area, but I will never act in this manner with a client, especially since they pay my bills.

I forgot to mention that when I asked her for pricing for a haircut alone, she wanted $65. LOL on her!!!

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Posted: Monday, October 17, 2005 7:28:49 AM
I am sure that the chain's regional manager would be very interested in your experience.  It is "stylists" like that, who give us all a black eye.  I would definitly report the bad behavior to the chain.


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....a nasty story ......
Posted: Thursday, October 27, 2005 9:07:12 PM
Wow, that was crappy and unprofessional !!   I know when we get really busy at work, we can't sweep up right away or clean our stations ect. .... but u musta been soooo bummed.  I hate when other stylist think they r holier than holy .... yah know they f up ( sorry ) and they (we) sugar coat it.  " oh, that just is the look, or that just blends with a little gel"  No wonder they were standing outside .... hmmm... no business