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Posted By:akearns1 on: 11/30/2005 3:16:26 PM

Author: Thread: Integrating into an insular community--- how do I break the ice in a new salon?
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Integrating into an insular community--- how do I break the ice in a new salon?
Posted: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 3:16:26 PM

I am an experienced hairdresser who has been working independently for approximately 2 years in a new location...(My husband got relocated, and I had a baby, so I worked out of my home and by referral only..) I have a small clientele of about 65 people and decided that I needed to find an established salon so that I could build more readily to go back to full time work.

Found a place that seemed great, (commission salon, which is brand new for me, I have always booth rented or been independent) but thought that the opportunity to build might be greater so I made the jump with the hope that what I would be losing in income initially would be a gain of new clients...Only problem is, apparently some of the staff are pissed that I got hired!!!

The salon is on the summit program, I elected to come in as a level one, I am strict commision, and I have a set schedule. Apparently, there are several other people who are also trying to build and are relatively new in the field but have been assisting for a year and are feeling threatened because one more person will be trying to build...I am trying to be friendly and positive, but I have never felt more unwelcome in a place in my whole life!!!What can I do to f it in and help get myself established?

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Posted: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 8:01:35 PM

How does this summit program work I have been a booth renter for about 14 years and now a Salon owner So if you don't mind . Can you explain?Then I may be able to help you out

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Posted: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 11:00:12 PM
Akearns1...This is a constant problem in commission salons, there's always others who are annoyed that a new hire has come along to dilute the client pool. perhaps the owner should have a meeting to welcome you a little better and to explain how he/she intends to make you all busier? Your job is simply to do the best you can with the clients you are given, build up your business, stay calm and focused and allow the whiners to dig their own graves. I've seen this happen frequently, new people come in and grow and the losers are still grumbling. Ignore them, keep a cool head and look to the winners in the salon. It will become obvious to everyone which you are...good luck.

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Posted: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 11:07:00 PM

Do your own thing and good luck to you!  The fact that they have nasty attitudes show that they are NOT following the SUMMIT program AT ALL.  More info can be found at www.michaelcoleseminars.com  It is a seminar I will attend myself next year and apply in my salon.  I think it is excellent.  Michael Cole is big on attitude and it isn't the salons responsibility to get clients in those chairs.  It is the responsibility of the stylist to build and retain clients.  So do your thing, follow the program strictly and you will do well.  I am a strong believer in this program.  If anyone wants a book on it, buy " A Little More off the Top"  It is a great book and hopefully will shake some sense into some stylists about the reality of their lives.

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Posted: Thursday, December 01, 2005 7:46:48 AM

Thanks to all who have responded...Your comments and insights are especially helpful at this somewhat tenuous transition...In all fairness there have been a few girls who have truly been sweet and welcoming, and if not for them, it would have been hard not to bail...

Perhaps the salon that I previously worked at was unusual in it's collegiality-----everyone always commented in positive and encouraging ways to clients and stylists, breeding a spirit of community...

I will just trying to be helpful and positive, without being too pushy, and maybe they will warm up--in the meantime, I am handing my cards out to EVERYBODY!!!

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Posted: Saturday, June 03, 2006 4:39:06 AM

I moved into a new position the same way. Stick with the positive attitude stylists. More than likely, your boss hired you because one or two stylists may be on their way out. That's not your concern. The nastiest stylists will burn themselves out without your help. Kill them with kindness, it will drive them crazy!

Even if your book is slow, focus on developing inside your own schedule, if you specialize in something, let the receptionist know (like if you are good with updos) Stick to your guns, and stay where the manager tells you (don't move your station around)

I also (in front of the bitter stylists) mentioned to my clients again and again that I'm HERE TO STAY. Eventually, if you are a good fit, some of the other stylists will warm up to you in due time,

Take the clients that others may turn away, stick to your schedule (not leaving early or coming in late) The toughest thing I dealt with was that there were politics and favors to other stylists that existed before me, so it always looke dlike others were being booked more than me sometimes.

It all comes out in the wash. Pull your focus into your client, and have a great time!

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Posted: Saturday, June 03, 2006 8:30:12 AM

Dear Russnyc-

Another great post with great advice!  Keep them coming :)

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