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Posted By:wareagle1977 on: 1/10/2006 2:56:08 PM

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salon whipping girl
Posted: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 2:56:08 PM
All of the experienced stylists out there, please help!!!  I've been an associate/asstistant/apprentice at a salon for the past 3.5 months, which was, at one point, a wonderful thing.    Then I was asked to start doing manis/pedis on clients, which is part of my training program.  Great, no prob.  The problem is that now I'm like the 'go-to' girl for these services, but recieve no commission or tips. Here's the kicker: both go to the stylist who is my mentor, as well as the salon manager.  Here's the second kicker: she REFUSES to perform these 2 services herself.   I am in no way opposed to mentor-like apprentice programs..I believe in learning and want to learn better ways of doing this stuff.  But to do the service (unsupervised, unassisted) because I'm convenient, and still recieve no compensation for it kinda pisses me off.  Any thoughts on this?  Am I being totally unreasonable?  Or should I go ahead and look for a new salon?

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Posted: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 3:09:01 PM

3 1/2 months isn't exactly a long time to be an assistant.

I would stay if these things were made clear:

The owner/stylist can give you an approximate time you will be an assistant ( 1 year, 2 years or what have you)

Then I would insist on training- color, haircutting etc- not just nails.  This is what you have to think about- if your practice makes perfect with the clients you are working on now, they will be your regulars when you are bumped up from being an assistant.

However, if she is treating you like a manicurist and not giving you any training- only services she doesn't want to do, I would insist on commission- or work elsewhere.

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Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 6:11:43 AM
You should be getting paid for what you do!

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Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 7:41:14 AM
she never said she wasn't getting paid- she said she wasn't getting commission.

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Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 7:56:21 AM
Are you going through an apprentice program or have you graduated from a beauty school? If you are going through an apprentice program, you are just beginning your training and this is part of it.

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Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 3:12:08 PM
I've been out of school for nearly a year, and licensed since last April.  So I could have gone somewhere that just stuck me right out there on the floor, but I wanted more training first.  The salon is a Summit salon, and I'm classified as being in the associate level (i.e. bottom of the ladder).  This level generally takes about 40 weeks to get through, although I had been told that they were going to try and accelerate it a bit.  According to the way things were laid out for me, this training program is a shadowing/hands-on work kind of thing.  I'm assigned a mentor, and shadow her, mostly observing at first, as well as doing the shampooing/blow-outs, then moving onto more in-depth stuff....with her clients, and under her watchful trained eye.....not doing anything totally independent or on my own such as manis or pedis until I was at entry level.  It was only after our nail tech left for greener pastures that I and another girl (who has since moved up to entry level ) were asked to do them.  It was almost a situation where they felt , hey, we have these girls, both can do a passable job, we'll use them to fill in, and oh, by the way,  problem solved, we don't need to hire a nail tech.  Of course, nobody has ever come right out and said that, but that's the feeling I get.  So here I am now, with my mentor getting the commission & tips off of my nail services that, like I said, I'm performing totally independantly, and that she refuses to do herself in the first place.  I totally respect the paying your dues aspect of this business, but this just seems a little bit crappy to me, ya know? 

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Posted: Wednesday, January 11, 2006 5:59:08 PM
I don't agree.

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Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2006 6:24:57 AM

It is crappy.  There is another person making commission on your work!  But besides that point, Those tips are yours!!!  If a waitress in training takes a table by herself would she give the tip to someone else?  I don't think so.  Tip money is from the client to you for doing a good job.  If a client tips you for a shampoo do you have to give that up too?  If you are not aloud to except tips you should be telling the client just that.  I don't think they would be happy to know the money they are dishing out for you is going somewhere else. 

Don't get me wrong I think its great that your salon has this training program and not sending new stylist out to the sharks.  But many salons offer training and assistant positions to new stylist.  If you are thinking about switching salons do it soon!  Before you start to build decent clientele. 

P.S. Keep in mind most people hate doing pedicures!  I'd have to say if I could pass them on to another person in our shop I would!

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Posted: Sunday, February 26, 2006 5:06:45 PM

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Posted: Sunday, February 26, 2006 7:13:07 PM
You are an assistant. That's your job. You are learning valuable techniques and helping others instead of paying big bucks $$$ for outside classes. Learn and absorb everything you can. We have all paid our dues, and someday you will have an assistant doing the same for you (if you are lucky).

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Posted: Sunday, February 26, 2006 8:16:22 PM
I don't like the term paying your dues, it seems silly to me, like in the olden days when seniors were rude to underclassmen, now that's considered lame, and if you see high school kids they are all friends, no matter what grade, but anyways, I don't think it's paying your dues as much as you learn at a certain pace.  If someone is more experianced then you, they can do more things then you, so they are teaching you to do what they can do, in order for them to teach you, there are certain things that help them do that, so therefore that's the explanation for you doing less glamorous jobs.  If nails aren't your thing you should say so, but I know a lot of new stylists start out with nails to help pay there bills before they move on to hair, perhaps your mentor is trying to do this for you, because you can quickly get a good nail following, then they will slowly say, "hey she's doing my nails, maybe she could give me a trim..."  And that's how it happens.

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salon whipping girl...been there too
Posted: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 10:55:26 PM
I agree with Vallygrrl about the whole "paying your dues" term. I was a receptionist at a salon for 3 yrs, went thru school, graduated and was a receptionist/assistant at 2 more salons before I finally got to were I wanted to be. You get stepped on alot by people who are "More Experienced" than you. I shampooed, did mani's and pedi's, applied color, took down perms, did the customers no one else wanted to do and many other crazy odd jobs for VERY LITTLE PAY before I had had enough and went to another salon who trusted that I could learn fast and work hard. Don't do someone else's work for little or no pay. It's degrading, even if you are just learning.