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Posted By:Craig on: 1/18/2006 12:04:08 AM

Author: Thread: can someone start too late?
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can someone start too late?
Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 12:04:08 AM

  i started school at age 37, because hair has been a passion for as long as i can remember. I'm 44 now and have been licensed for about 4 years. please dont think i'm whining and want someone to pave me a golden path but it seems like i have had to fight twice as hard at each salon i've work at (especially high end) because of my age and in the last year and a half have lost around 50 lbs, because i know we work in 'beautiful world". so i'm asking, is it an unconcious prejudges or my own insecurity and how do i solve the problem? i am very confident in my work and abilty to do the job, but seem to get half the bookings of stylist half my age. what can i do?

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Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 6:59:36 AM
Hi Craig, I am starting school, so I am not in a salon, take what you will. I'm sure it is hard not to notice other stylist at any age booking more clients. Where are these bookings coming from?There are so many factors length of time at salon, experience, networking, communication with client.
This I know for sure this is your passion, you definitely have what it takes right? Each time you notice a busier stylist put your energy back into yourself. Take a deep breath, go through your list of accomplishments and goals. Love the age you are, you have life experience. Someone can be old at 20 while others are young at 60.

How is the salon you work at? If there are stylist that you feel are reciprocal offer to shampoo or dry for them. Clients will see you are open, hey they may book you next time because of your shampoo technique, or they'll tell a friend. I am not say steal others clients, get to know everyone.
Yes its a 'beautiful world' that may get someone into your chair, after that it's talent! Are you rebooking?

How long have you been at current salon?
I hope this helped stacy

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Posted: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 7:15:35 AM
Hi Craig, you have a chair at a high end salon Congrats!!! Pat yourself on the back!!!! To me thats huge!!! Stacy

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Stay put!
Posted: Monday, January 23, 2006 5:16:19 AM

How many salons have you worked in during your 4 years as a licensed stylist?

I've been a cosmetologist for 18 years now and the best bit of advice I can give you is "Stay Put". The more times you move the harder it going to be to build a client base.

Last thing, don't compare yourself to stylists unless your looking to depress yourself. But use the other stylist success as a gauge to see how you'll fair when you reach that point. Ask other stylist things like how long in the business, how long in current salon, what extra training do they have. Then you'll be able to see what kind of book you can expect to have. Some keys to think on: Talent, Stability, Availiblity

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Thanks guys!
Posted: Monday, January 23, 2006 5:57:36 PM
Stacey I read your response last week and you told me exactly what I needed to here, so thank you. I did need to stop and take a breath and thank God for my successes and what I have achieved. I didn't go into details but what had happen was this, there were 4 of us that started in the same week  at the salon. not stretching the truth, a couple of the girls at the front desk were booking the 2 younger ones 3 to 1 of us two that were older. I am not saying it was intended, but  believe was very subconcious...like the studies they've done on the way people treat slim woman vs. heavier women..... I did build as large a clientel, because of my talent.... and thank you smedley for your response.....I know being there is the answer, if you want read my response in introduction, gives you some more details.

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a new day....a new year!
Posted: Monday, January 23, 2006 6:05:26 PM
stacy, truly because of your response I do not want to look back and dwell on petty stuff...... which we as humans are so very good at. At the present not working at all, but know that all is good because this is a new day and I can begin again fresh and new. Part of my problem in the past was I was driving 30 to 45 minutes from the area in Denver I live in. Now am looking in my "part of town" so I don't have the crazy traffic to deal with and can keep the clientel i build this time. Sometimes it just takes us older dogs a little longer to learn, but we can be taught new tricks!! 

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Posted: Monday, January 23, 2006 7:18:47 PM
Hi Craig, really nice to hear from you, I checked the board frequently looking for a response from you.
I am so glad you received what I wrote. My life and the way people respond to me are amazing, that has not always been the case. Sure some days are a challenge, how could you appreciate the good days without the challenges. Anyway if you haven't read Michael Cole's book read it. I haven't read it yet I just ordered it but I like his website. I look forward to hearing from you! Stacy
Find a salon by your home, and you interview them, all of them, find the right fit and enjoy yourself!!!

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angel stacy!
Posted: Tuesday, January 24, 2006 2:11:21 AM

New name for you... cause  you were sent at just the right time. Went out today to really work "Cherry Creek"(Denvers old money) shopping area and enjoyed myself alot.... Forgetting that it was Monday and alot of shops are closed. Can go back to ADC, but really don't want to specialize.So today will hit all 300 shops in that 2 mile radious. Forgot just how much I do have to offer untill I see it on paper...Can't thank you enough for kicking me in the pants....and can't wait to hear from you again.

p.s. will get that book asap...need all the help i can get!! 

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also older
Posted: Sunday, August 20, 2006 9:12:21 PM
Hey Craig,

I am also a little older than the norm and about to start out in the Denver area.
The other day I went to pick up an application at a chain salon I will not mention. I was very clear I didn't want to work there but I wanted to see what an application of theirs looked like. I asked the front desk girl how much experience they wanted in their stylists. She (looking like a cute little bleach blond with red punky bangs) looks me up and down and says 2 years. Yeah right! I later called another of the chain and they said they didn't have a specific experience requirement only that you can pass a good technical interview.
I too could feel the pressure of doubt, but I know that I a have qualities that generally come with age and experience. Discrimination, reliability, responsibility, focus, worldliness, cleanliness, sophistication, humility (though not right this instant), openness, tolerance, humour, health, balance, wisdom, character, personality, being well read, well seasoned, being compassionate, smooth, fluid, diplomatic, having more self esteem at 40 than at 20. The list goes on.
I look forward to interviews where I am evaluating as much as the interviewer rather than feeling like a young needy unsure startup. I am not saying that I am a big shot by any means. Those younguns have a lot of style and ease when it comes to some of this stuff and I look forward to learning from them.
But anyway, I would love to know how your journey is going because I can relate to you and I can see that there is something for me to learn.
Cherry Creek would be a dream for me too. Less than two miles from where I live.

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too late?
Posted: Sunday, November 18, 2007 8:25:47 PM
Interesting Craig, I see this article was posted in 06, just wandering how things are going. I am getting ready to open a high end salon in Feb, 2008, and I just turned the magical 60. Depends on where you are in life. So where has your journey taken you?