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Posted By:hairkuts4u on: 2/14/2006 12:40:06 PM

Author: Thread: Do they always send you home when it is slow?
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Do they always send you home when it is slow?
Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 12:40:06 PM
I work at a Shop that is all walk in's....I like to know If anyone else in this Profession gets sent home when It is slow..I work on an hourly rate and feel like my weekly pay is cut when this happens..Also doesn't Business work on Budgets to keep there help on when they have a slow day? How do you handle this situation? 

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Posted: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 2:45:41 AM
I work at a family chain salon as well. I have NEVER been sent home when it's slow. Since they guarentee me an hourly wage I will clean or stock shelves or do other things. I have no idea why they would send you home. I have asked to go home on occasion when it was dead. I'd rather get more things done then there then make minimum wage on a dead day but I've never been asked to clock out.

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Going Home
Posted: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 7:32:43 AM

The first 6 weeks of the year is DEAD, at least in our salon.  We offer an hourly guarantee as well and I TOTALLY understand where the owners are coming from.  On occasion over the last few weeks, when it was a non-productive day and my wife is in the salon, she would offer to let someone go home if they wanted to.  She never forced anyone to leave.  They always take us up on it because they are bored stiff, you can only clean so much, re-fold the towels so many times, etc.

Simply offer to clean, dust, restock, organize, data entry, whatever you can think of, when you see its slow.  Its harder to send someone home if they are busy doing something productive, instead of slouched over in their chair reading a book or watching Judge Judy on the TV.

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Posted: Friday, April 14, 2006 7:30:05 AM
Regis does this practice....they don't want to pay you if you aren't doing anything.  They justify this practice by saying that if you stayed and did not do any clients, it would make your numbers go down, and we all know what happens when your numbers go down

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Posted: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 12:38:44 PM
Keep yourself busy...and they will allow you keep working...look into wether they have guaranteed you a certain amount of hours in a week...if them sending you home is pushing you under the guaranteed hours..the talk to someone about it...explain where you are at and that you guaranteed this and now you are not getting it...

Thay should be offering you to go home...not forcing you to
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from a business perspective
Posted: Sunday, July 09, 2006 8:51:16 AM

As long as they are keeping someone in the shop to cover walk ins, they'd be silly not to send home anyone 'extra'. My dad is a store manager for Albertsons, and THEY do this. It's called labor control, yes, businesses do have practices in place to keep costs down during slow times, and reduction of labor is one of the main ones!!

I'd say your best bet to NOT have this happen is to NOT appear to be 'extra'. Always be doing something! And the best thing to be doing, is hair. It may be 'mostly a walk in salon' but that doesn't mean you can't /shouldn't be out trying to get yourself new clients. If you're cutting hair, they won't send you home. Most places , even those that don't allow appointments, will allow people to request a specific stylist. Make sure you have people coming in and asking for you, and when it's time to cut labor, you won't be the one they think of.