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Posted By:ditzlitz on: 2/14/2006 8:46:15 PM

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Uncomfortable Client Situations
Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2006 8:46:15 PM
Alright I have a few questions for anyone out there with good tact lol...I recently Had a client who mentioned that when she had a service done at a previous visit...it ended up costing more than she thought...however she proceeded to explain that she was still pleased with the service therefor it was ok and she was willing to pay the extra..well i do remember her and i remember that i offered or suggested the service and she accepted but i did not tell her how much it costs nor did she ask...now i know i should have probably mentioned it at the time but in my defense she was not a new client and i have never had this problem before that i know of...also most of the clients know that the salon is "high end" and expects to pay a little more...but none the less i sh0uld have told her so my bad...but my question is...how do u respond to somthing like that.....should i grovel in apologies lol or what? it really was not a big deal at all but what happends when it is?? what would u do if you were in that position?? Also what do you do and how to you respond to someone who does not like the service you performed...i know you probably shouldnt charge them for it but what else....i guess what  i mean is what do you say?? im sure doing other things like also givig them a discount on next service or somthing like that woud help....but i find myself at a loss of professional words or tact when someoe just flat out does not like what i have done...mostly meaning like the shape of eye brows...or somthig like that...im sorry dosent seem to make it all better lol please note im new to this and very new to.....good people skills lol....im doing good but suggestions ALWAYS help...thanks

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Posted: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 6:34:07 AM

A very clear consultation will help you to avoid clients not liking what you have done. One that I use is mirroring. After they have explained what they want say "so what I am hearing you say is..... and repeat what it is that they want.

If they are not sure what they want ask them what they do not want(every one knows what they hate few actually know what they want) this way you don't suggests or do what they will not like.

As far as clients stating that it cost more than they expected but they liked it- you are safe! they liked it for goodness sake and to be fair they did not ask! I work in an upscale salon and some of my clients would be mortified if I informed them of the price before hand, and the ones that are not sure ask during the consultation. I my opinion it is the consumers responsibility to ask how much something costs. You buy a shirt you look at the price tag if their isn't one on you ask the sales clerk do yo not?

 Next time this happens simply say to the client " Oh, would you like a break down of what I did for you last time? And give her an itemized list of all her services and how much each of them costs, that should solve it right there and she will see what is being charged and probably realize that a lot of it is tax. this way she has it for next time and you are standing your ground never ever apologise for what you charge! they will think you are not worth it.

Would they go into a Chanel store and say wow the jacket I bought last time was to expensive? and even if she did she would receive no discount I am sure. good luck!


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