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Posted By:TropicalDiva on: 2/15/2006 5:41:06 PM

Author: Thread: Clients MIA Do you E-mail or call them?
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Clients MIA Do you E-mail or call them?
Posted: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 5:41:06 PM

Ok my question is this:  You have a client (or clients), who you normally see every six to eight weeks and its now 10 weeks and you haven't seen them.  What is the appropriate thing to do and say?  Do you send them an e-mail (non threatening)?  Do you give them a phone call?  If so, what exactly do you say?   You don't want to put them on the spot or in an uncomfortable position should they have found someone else to do their hair.  I'm very curious as to what you all do and say in this instance.



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Posted: Friday, February 17, 2006 10:18:27 PM
i have postcards that say ...haven't seen you in a while, bring this card for a 10% discount.

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Posted: Saturday, February 18, 2006 10:57:11 AM
I would call.  Ask if everything is ok and if everything was ok with their last visit.  Do NOT offer a discount- that is so desparate.  Always prebook your clients- it increases income and reduces client losses.

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Posted: Saturday, February 18, 2006 8:15:06 PM
That's great advice Mina2 gave you, very middle of the road it may seem, but that's often the best advice. I would call, because you want to seem like you care, and you aren't playing games that way, I mean obviously ten weeks is longer than six, but a discount seems sooo desperate, for example if they went to someone else (not cause they were cheaper, but because they thoguht they did better hair) and you send them the discount it won't look good.  That being said though, it could be nothing, maybe she's unusually busy with work, maybe there was a tragedy in the family.  In case it is one of those things you should definitley call. 

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Posted: Friday, April 14, 2006 7:32:39 AM
Calling works, and when you do, tell them you have had a client change an appointment, and now you have an open space and would they like to have it.....Of course, ask how they have been too!!  I try to treat my clients like an extended family, some say that is a good idea, some say bad, but it works for me....Good luck!!

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how long?
Posted: Monday, April 09, 2007 3:06:15 PM
Where these regular clients that you have been doing for years? Or a few months? I usually will call just to make sure that their ok if they are my long time regulars.  If its been a few months I wouldnt call most likely they have found another stylist/or they just werent really that happy with what you did.or they just moved in that case i would send a postcard letting them know they are missed and not putting them on the spot when you call incase they have changed salons. ALSO they maybe salon hoppers we all have had those clients they seem to keep poping back into our lives. LOL

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Only 1 call or postcard
Posted: Monday, April 09, 2007 3:58:38 PM

Emails don't really work because it's possible it's a work address or a spam filter will keep your mail out of the inbox.

Instead, give a cheerful call saying they are missed or send a postcard "thinking of you"

Generally speaking, there are plenty of reasons people don't come back on a regular basis

fired or lost job
can't afford it anymore
found a better deal
got bored

The real thing that bothers me is when I ask a client what the name of their old stylist (if I recognize the salon) and they can't remember the name!

I think, GEEZ that person didn't even leave any sort of impression! THEN I make sure that I LEAVE ONE.

Never call more than once, or haggle or beg them off with discounts, it is very off putting and reeks of desperation.