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Posted By:The Scissorhood on: 4/27/2006 5:59:05 AM

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The Scissorhood
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Tension Adjustable Screw or Flat Screw
Posted: Thursday, April 27, 2006 5:59:05 AM
Im sure everyone has preferences regarding the design of how a pair of scissors is. However, one of my main concern is the screw of the scissors/ Personally, i tried both. And i do prefer flat screw because its flat, and slick in design, which is great when cutting bobs or one length where the screw doesnt get obstructed by our cutting comb. But obviously, another reason why adjustable screw is favored is because of its convenience and the fact that in it are small ball bearings that provide a longer lasting and smoother strokes. That is why some manufactueres like Hikari and Matsuzaki makes most of its scissor in flat screw while others like Kasho, Mizutani, Sensei mostly have adjustable screw design on their shears. Please tell me about your experiences and knowledge regarding the pros and cons of this feature.