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Posted By:idahoali on: 5/1/2006 7:14:33 PM

Author: Thread: !What do you say?
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!What do you say?
Posted: Monday, May 01, 2006 7:14:33 PM
I have had the worst couple of days at work, and today was just the cherry on top.  I was waxing a client's brows and somehow (still not sure because of the placement) managed to put a hole in her otherwise lovely brow.  She was very nice about it, but I was mortified.  I've never done that before!  Then I cut a hole in my next client's cut!!!!  I haven't done that since school.  What do you say to your client when you're the one that screws up?  I swear I have never felt so lost and confused (or again since school!).  Anyone else ever experience such horrible chaos all in one day and if so how do you handle it?  I'm feeling quite miserable. 

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Posted: Tuesday, May 02, 2006 5:52:14 AM

Dear idahoali-

I am sorry you had such a bad day!  Don't worry we have all had them.  Those are the day that I just want to go home and say you know what I think I am having an off day.  Kinda makes you nervous the rest of the day - if you can get out of there - do!  But, don't worry, we have all had bad days.  I don't wax - but just guessing - maybe she had a scar or somthing?  As for the mole - well it happens.  It's gross and sad, but thank goodness we catch 99% of them.  All you can do is say you are so sorry.  And mean it.  We are practicing the art of hairstyling, waxing, etc.  We are not perfect.  You did not mean to do either of those things.  It sounds as if the clients were nice - so off you go.  Head held high you go back into the trenches and hope that this was your off day for quite some time.  Please don't beat  yourself up about this. :)

Cindy Farr Hester   Asst Moderator

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Posted: Tuesday, May 02, 2006 6:02:12 AM

Thanks for the kind words. I certainly hope I've gotten my bad day done for a long time too!  (I have to point out I didn't catch a mole on my haircut client, I actually put a Hole in the cut - nape section). 

I almost feel like I'm sabotaging, or second guessing myself because I just agreed to join a new salon that's more upscale than my current location, charges more, etc.  I'm nervous and have to admit feeling a bit unworthy.  I know I need to work on my confidence, then something like yesterday happens and YIKES!

Anyway, thanks again for the words of encouragement.  I have to focus on all my clients that love their hair and learn from my mistakes when they happen!

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Posted: Tuesday, May 02, 2006 7:38:25 AM

So glad that I'm not the only one having a rough week. Doesn't happen a lot, but when it does....   I think that as stylists, we pour ourselves into our work, and when we mess up, or make a mistake it becomes about us. Well, it does for me anyway. Hang in there. There are no mistakes, only discoveries.

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I hear ya
Posted: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 9:25:31 AM
I am not going to say I have these days 'ALL THE TIME' but they happen...no one can be perfect all the time...it is impossible...but I know how you feel...if i do somting wrong on a client I feel terrible for days after...and it undermines my confidence...the best we can do it try to blend it in..sound to me like it was a short cut...maybe a men's but and you were using the clippers??..The best you can do is blend it the best you can...if they notice..apologize..if not then lucky you...I am one person who is never happy with what I do unless it is perfect in both the clients eyes and mine...

As for being at a new salon...my first job out of school was at a high end salon...and I was very nervous...I have since moved around...and it can be nerve wracking to 'move up in the industry' so to speak....try ot just focus your mind on what you need to do...if you need to talk less and concentrate more until you feel more confortable there then do that...it helps...just plan what you are going to do and do it...and try to keep it simple until to feel confortable...and if you need help...ASK....as a client and as a stylist I would rather ask for help on an issue I am unsure of then wing it a screw up....

But that is just me... You will do fine...I am sure...keep your head up and know you can do it...the obvously hired you for a reason
Deetoria, HSE

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i feel your pain
Posted: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 8:21:27 AM

I am a cosmetology student and the other day I had to do a facial on a client. The thing is I haven't done a facial on a live client AT ALL. I only did the facial on another student when i was learning it. I managed to get a copy of my sheet with my intructions on it. and i managed to get through it but now i feel like i can do one because the thing i thought was so hard is the easy thing to do. I also have trouble with manicures and pedicures- MAINLY PEDICURES!!!! I am scared of hurting or doing something to the client.IT IS NERVE WRACKING.  I get nervous when i have clients!!!!!! but it also depends on the service too. but man am i a wreck when it comes to clients. any advice on how to deal?  

Better days will come for u at the salon. Its just one of those days where everything goes wrong!!! I've had those myself at school and work.

Scottish Lassie
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I Have to Share...
Posted: Wednesday, September 06, 2006 7:29:44 PM

When I was a student (I still cringe at this event) I was doing a full facial shave for the first time in my life, and it was on a live man!  Yes, a real breathing one...before that we had practiced on water filled balloons and our own legs, arms etc  - to get the feel of the "cut-throat razor" (aptly named) that we had learned to hone and strop to a fine edge.   

My client was a teacher at the college and was donating his time for the students to perfect their...talents...? Yup, doing well, getting overly confident and right under the jaw I "created" a gash/flap/slash whatever you want to call it ...THE BLOOD WAS GUSHING!!    I was horrified!  I had to scream and leave (had not been taught any different) but my instructor wasn't letting up, he came and found me hiding in the locker room, with tears rolling down my face he dragged me back to the salon.  I was mortified that I actually had to face this MAN AGAIN!  I was told to clean him up, apologize and get the bleeding stopped, then finish the shave.  Besides, this man could not leave looking like THAT, or I'd never touch another razor again.  After the lesson, the instructor asked if I really thought I was the only one to have ever done that, and the best way to deal with it is professionally, and get over it.  He made me take the next client available to get through the bad feeling of "it could happen again" - it will he said, but maybe not today - and I did a great job!  

We ALL have days that we just don't concentrate enough or get overly confident, or are too tired, whatever the reason it reflects on our work.  How you handle the client is up to you when you make on error, but believe me they don't think you meant to do it if you apologize sincerely and try your best to make things right!  

This is another example of the fact that we as stylists are not perfect, I HAD to share it though, I hope there is no blood involved with your next "learning experience"!...OR MINE!!!!!

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nightmare client
Posted: Friday, December 14, 2007 11:42:03 PM

OK, I had a client today who was booked for a color then a crown highlight, haircut and a deep conditioner.

I had another client I was doing highlights on as well. while her color was processing...30 minutes I was finishing up the other lady's highlights. I finished my other's  highlight and went to check on her color, (an assistant applied it which is standard practice.) When I got back there she told me sha had to leave in 2 hourz. I said in 2 hours? I cannot do your whole head highlight, and this color, cut and style in 2 hours there is just no way

OMG, right in front of the other client she went off told that client to get out of my chair, that I "had" to finish her first. I almost died.

I told her no she was not getting up that she needed to sit down and be patient and she still had to have a deep conditioner.

She was loud, rude, and arrogant,

I was stressed out by the time she left. 

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Posted: Saturday, December 15, 2007 5:11:04 AM
She had it applied differently before, and realized you were doing it the longer way. The person who had done her hair before put the foils in then went right in with the color on the base. She blew up because she realized you were doing it the other way where you have to dry it in between.

This was miscommunication because I will always ask clients if there is any time restraint. While it was wrong for her to act this way, sometimes you need to be proactive and ask new clients if they have any time restraints.

Once you have been seeing them for awhile, you can ask them to mention this when making the next appointment, and to flag the appointment to let you know. I do this all the time because some people get impatient, and other stylists take shortcuts that can be risky, ALWAYS explain why it takes longer (i.e, I never use heat on haircolor, but the hair stays in better condition)

You did right, always hold a tone of giving and concern even with a nasty client. I find that if you hold your palms up and out when talking, it calms them because subconsciously you are showing that you have nothing to hide and are asking for forgiveness.

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a story
Posted: Wednesday, January 16, 2008 11:42:57 PM
here is a little story... I was cutting this layered bob on my friend and somehow i cut a big uneven hole on the right of her head... so in my head im like oh no! she is gonna notice it... so i pretended like nothing happened... so to fix it i sort of made it asymetrical and notched it up to blend it in.... and when i was finished sh didnt even notice the mistake i made!!! LOL I think as stylist we see everything in the haircut we create so we know what mistakes we have done but other people really dont notice it... and mabey your mistake has created something new and inovative... Hope you continue to be creative and help other people feel better about themselves and think of this experience as learning that we all make mistakes and we are not perfect... Wow i just noticed i typed alot LOL

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when you know its bad... get control
Posted: Monday, March 31, 2008 9:28:26 PM
we've all had these days. honestly (this may not sound the best) ive found the best thing to do is call it quits for the day. you cannot work to the best of your abilities when you're having a bad day or not as confident as usual. take a breath relax and try again tomorrow! keep your head up

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bad day
Posted: Saturday, July 18, 2009 1:05:59 PM

i hate those days where you wake up and everything feels like its going 2 be a great perfect day and then you walk into work and it goes down hill from there. recently my salon hired a new girl. in plain words shes useless. im sorry i know thats mean but its true. she is always messing things up. she was a receptionist before she came to my salon. so she knows how to do things. or so we all thought. she sits on her phone, shes on her laptop doing homework, or just sitting around reading magazines. and i work at a laid back salon but honestly!! everyone hates her EVEN my bosses. i dont understand!! i hear her name i or look at her and its instant annoyance!! how do you train someone to pick up on things? she doesnt seem to want to listen and learn from us. I have been here a year and i know the ropes at my salon. we tell her not 2 do things but yet she still does them. again how do we get her to listen and be professional? shes 24 and newer to the business. i guess i just dont understand. im only 19 and i have a better work ethic than her. please help!!

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Posted: Saturday, July 18, 2009 8:37:43 PM
Have to ask... why is she still there? Your bosses need to can this girl, and quick. The resentment starts to build with the other staff, and then you've got a mutiny. My staff aren't allowed to have their phones on during work hours, unless they're on a break, and the laptop would get her fired from my place yesterday!
I really believe that you can't teach work ethic. If you're a new hire and you start out sitting on your a**, what's going to be happening a year from now?
Laziness. What happened to the working world? Especially in this economic climate, when one should be glad to be hired anywhere!
Sorry. Rambling and cranky. Sigh.
"Keep smiling - it makes people wonder what you're up to."

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Posted: Monday, July 20, 2009 10:31:30 AM
I totally agree, the problem in this situation, as with most salons, is with the boss not the employee. We see this all the time on this board, salon owners complaining about their staff not working or doing their job. It isn't employees that are at fault, it is the salon owner.

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Posted: Monday, July 20, 2009 11:09:06 PM

do you rely on her as part of the job you do?is she the receptionist, or a hairdresser?basically, if she is a fellow stylist, try to ignore her, what she does has got nothing to do with you,and she will eventually be gone.but if you need her to do her job correctly in order to do your job, then talk to your boss and point out how much she is disturbing the flow in the salon. if everybody complains about her lack of motivation and how poorly her attitude reflects on the image of the salon, the boss will have to wake up and find a replacement..

its great that you have good work ethics, don't let her bring you down. take the high road.good luck!

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Posted: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 11:03:12 AM
I assume she's a commission or hourly stylist? Because if she's a booth renter, there's absolutely nothing wrong with her relaxing and flipping through some magazines in between clients, which is what I often do.

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Posted: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 10:10:35 AM
Everyone has bad days, you just need to decide if the bad days outweigh the good days and if the bad days are really worth it.

Always do what makes you happiest