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Posted By:csapikowski@cfl.rr.com on: 5/6/2006 10:50:38 AM

Author: Thread: Professionals being UNPROFESSIONAL
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Professionals being UNPROFESSIONAL
Posted: Saturday, May 06, 2006 10:50:39 AM

'Ever wanna bash another hairdresser in the face??? Okay, well maybe that's a little harsh, however.  I got a call from another salon owner ( i was gonna work for her....wonder why i never went there??) ANYWAY, I have an Ad on here to transfer my clients to another hairdresser to take over my book because I'm leaving the area.She called and left a scathing message on my phone telling that "Any hairdresser with half a brain wouldn't call Shades EQ semi-perm color and laughed that I said that I make(NET) 50 k a year.  I wanted my response to be a violent one, but knowing who I AM behind my chair,  i chose the more tactic route and stated that it didn't really matter if it was semi, demi, perm, WHATEVER. The fact that she even wasted her time and energy to call me to tell me that was just completely humorous and she has NO CLUE what a FOOL she made of herself.  She also laughed at me because she thinks that i don't make ( NET) 50 grand a year as a booth renter.  I can't begin to describe how funny I find that...AND SHE OWNS A SALON.  if she doesn't make that, MY GOD, she's in a alot of trouble.

Needless to say, i've a had a "few" to take the edge off.  I'm still me, she's still an @%$&*. 


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some people!
Posted: Saturday, May 06, 2006 8:27:09 PM

Gotta love "diva syndrome".....

People like that eventually realize their poo stinks. Don't sweat it.

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Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2006 3:24:45 AM

HAHAHAHAHA, the "Diva Syndrome", I think i might hafta steal that one from time to time. Thanks for your reply, and I'm not gonna sweat it....only time I sweat is in the gym.

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Posted: Sunday, May 07, 2006 11:34:43 PM

dude, in thsi salon i worked in there was this hairdresser that tried to make hot pink hairdye using a red-violet intensifier and clear shine O.o

It was a 16 year old client who wanted like flamingo neon pink. our salon was 2 doors down from a beauty supply that had manic panic. i was like "why don't you just sneak out the back, buy some, and put it in a bowl?" he ignored me and thought "hmm...maybe if i apply the mixture twice it will magically turn from a reddish salmon color to neon hot pink" haha it was funny.