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Posted By:hairgrl on: 6/1/2006 12:24:24 PM

Author: Thread: Need advice on how to do a "thinning" cut
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Need advice on how to do a "thinning" cut
Posted: Thursday, June 01, 2006 12:24:24 PM

Have an existing client.  She is latina and get a relaxer.  She has lots and lots of hair.  She has requested to a hair cut to her shoulders and to have her hair thinned out.  I don't want to use the traditonal thinning shears because I want her hair to be very natural looking.  Because her hair is thick and course, I'm afraid of the fly-away hair that tends to stick up when it's been cut to close to the root. 

I'm thinking of a should length 90 degree long layerd cut.  Please advise on what to do about thinning with either razor or regular shears.  I don't do much thinning, and I really would like to please my client.

Thank you so much for your help guys:)

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Posted: Thursday, June 01, 2006 7:50:39 PM
I like to thin the hair at the  scalp when it's thick. this is how you thin a wig. you can do it with a razor if you take quick short strokes right on th scalp. I prefer to use the scissor and cut just a few strands about 1/4 inch apart just randomly through the head. this keeps the hair solid through the shaft and ends, but actually thins it out, any other method I have tried just makes more brittle ends in the hair. More frizz..... you can find these thinned hairs easily the next cut by holding the hair flat to the head and sweeping across it with the scissor tips to pick up the short pieces. I like this way of cutting, you just have to be sure to only cut a few hairs at a time, the hair will finally move instead of sitting  like a ball of steel wool!!