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Posted By:tat2draven on: 6/18/2006 7:30:25 PM

Author: Thread: Working with someone who's heart's not in it?
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Working with someone who's heart's not in it?
Posted: Sunday, June 18, 2006 7:30:26 PM
There are some days at work I could just go crazy, I am working with a lady who has been doing hair for almost 15 years now and she's only in it for the money. I just don't get it! I haven't been doing hair as long as she has, but her clientel is better and I know she is making more money! She comes in ever day does the same thing on every cusomer...she doesn't ever learn knew things or even try to make suggestions. I just want to scream! I try to do different things for my customers, I've continued my education, and I'm doing well, but I don't get it she's so burnt out on it and they still keep comming to her! It's depressing working with her too, she doesn't like music,  she doesn't like anything modern, and she loves to debate with you on religion. She's really hurting my business because everyone can sense the uneasiness she radiates....any suggestions!

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Posted: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 8:32:34 PM
Sounds like you need to move on to another salon if you can... If you can't, you need to get a station as far from her as you can.

I have found it best not to focus too much on the chair next to me unless they are noisy or disruptive. You realize you aren't going to learn anything from her, so really focus on what is in your chair, and the book.

If she is "radiating negativity" onto your clients or being disruptive, You need to tell her that you have every right to make money that she has, and tell your boss to have her ease up.

The best place you can find is a place that you can look up to or learn something new from a couple of people. I left a salon because the eople were two faced, saying they had my best interest, than making stupid decisions that affected my money.

All I can tell you is you will know when you have had enough, and if you do leave, plan it very well like I did. I took about six months or so to really get all the resources I needed to move.