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Posted By:Deetoria on: 6/20/2006 9:18:26 AM

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Caree Stand-Still
Posted: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 9:18:27 AM
Hi there,

I am new to the boards here but I wanted to post this to get some advice.

I am really at a stand-still in my career...Just out of school I worked at a salon for just over a year...and learned a lot...the clientele was a little conservative for my taste...but all in all it was a good place to work...the the salon closed about 6 months ago...and I am now at my third salon in those 6 months..Here is my problem... I am having problem finding a salon that I 'fit' at...What I mean by 'fit' is feel comfortable and people accept others...and where I can be me and let my creativity flow... If I get on with a trendy, funky salon, I find my co-workers very catty and living the lifesyle that I dont neccessarily want to do (lots of partying and expensive tips and dinners and stuff) and because I am a slightyl chubby girl, I find that they look down on me...I have even heard girls talking about me being over weight and laughing about it...on the flip side, when I have gotten on with a salon that is accepting and not to concerned about what I look like neccessarily and are a little more "grown up" I find it is an ultra conservative salon and I feel I cant be me or dress like me..( I have a rocker, punk, heavy metal, style..somethinkg like Pink..) At placed like these I also do not get the kind of clientele I am looking for..the adventurous, lets try something new kind of people...

Almost done here.

So I have come to a stand-still in my career...it is almost to the point where I have questioned wether I want to continue in it due to this..I am tired of the back stabbing and the boredome...I have been asked to join the L'oreal Proffessional technical team in Sept....that is the one thing that kept me in the industry..

Any suggestions...I am at a loss....I am willing to do anything...at this time I do not have the financial resources to open my own salon, but I am looking at ways I may be able to do more on my own...

Any help would be wonderful...


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I know where you are comming from
Posted: Tuesday, June 20, 2006 8:10:58 PM

I had the same problem a couple years back , so I completely understand. I've noticed that it's really hard to find a decent place to work if you have a different style. I have a punky style too and I work at a conservative salon but they love me! It took awhile for many of the salon customers to warm up to me, but now most know me on a first name bases as well as my family. I think as long as you believe in yourself and have confidence in yourself you'll do fine. Try smaller low key salons if you are worried about people talking about you. Sometimes when you get in bigger salons, you have a lot of people that are jealous or just have nothing better to do than talk about other people.

I only work with two others and it's nice to know that all 3 of us are close. I've worked in the bigger salons but I like a smaller one better. I wish you luck in finding something, I hope you continue in the business and prosper.


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Just be yourself, that's all
Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 6:19:37 AM
I agree with Tat2draven on the smaller salon thing.  But truely it doesn't matter where you go there will always be unhappy people and those are the ones that talk the most.  You can only be true to you.  I worked at a place that almost everyone there was either jealous of you or to greedy to play nice.  Either way they talked and played politics at all times.  I just like to do my job and go home.  I love my clients and what I do the other really has no bearing on me or my abilities.  I may have been thought of as a snob, but who cares.  You just have to be yourself, be true to you and if there are issues, they aren't yours, it is their issue.  I too am kinda funky and I have had more than my share of the conservative people but these are the same people who are now sitting in my chair.  They absolutely love the fact that I am different from them.  What did I do, I talked to them, listened to them, kept the conversation geared toward them and when the conversation turned to me, I stayed positive in what I had to say.  No one likes whiners, backstabbers, or people that are just unhappy, or stirring the pots.  The bottom line is just be you and be proud of you.  No one can bring you down but you.  GOOD LUCK IN ALL YOU DO  
This is based on my experiences and beliefs, if it offends anyone I am sorry.  This is what makes this country and this site so great.

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Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2006 9:49:54 AM
Thank you both of you. Both those responses makes sense...I do tend to keep positive, at least around my clients and I do have lots of coservative clientele that have learned to accept me as I look...and they are great...I was just feeling a little bit tandstill-ish...but I will try looking for a smaller salon, that sounds like a great idea..

Thanks you both and I will keep everyone posted..
Deetoria, HSE

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Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2007 8:45:25 AM
I think it's important to find a balance that works for you. There's no reason you can't do both "punk" and "professional". Your going to have to make a compromise eventually, that's just life. Try "dressing up", but add something to it that makes it yours. All one way in either direction is just not the answer. If you bring both of those things together, people will take you a little more seriously. Im not saying this to be rude, im just being realistic. This is a very competitive profession, so you have to do the right things in order to make the most of your career.

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less is more
Posted: Monday, April 09, 2007 3:19:56 PM
I think you would be happier at a smaller scale salon 3or4 stylist rather than 22 stylist. FInd out where the kids go to get their styles their into wheres the hip place in town to go to. Love Loreal and congrats that is awsome I have been doing hair 28 years