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Posted By:Danni on: 6/28/2006 2:50:37 AM

Author: Thread: Clippers & Female Clients?
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Clippers & Female Clients?
Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 2:50:38 AM
Hi...I have just started in a new salon (3weeks) and as I originally come from a barbering background, I tend to use a full range of cutting techniques to suit the style I'm creating...

However, I was "pulled up" the other day for using clippers on a female client!! ...I was told that "we don't shave hair in this salon"...WHAT THE!!!??

The client was around 30 & came in with very short cropped hair, which she requested I cut super-short - After a detailed consultation (as she was a new client) We agreed to cut the nape in very close and razor out the top for texture...

The finished product was very short and very feminine and the clippers were in my opinion the only tool for the job...

I understand that some clients may 'freak out' if they see another client having yards of hair shaved off! But I have never been affraid of using clippers on a range of female clients, to create classic tappering on short bobs and cropped haircuts - Sometimes its the only way to achive the required look...I even have regular clients who come to me complaining that nobody else dares to cut their hair short enough!

My own hair is long now (mid-back, natural base 9) But I used to ware it very closely-cropped...In those days, I had a stylist at "T&G" refuse to clipper my hair - I was pretty disapointed & they made to feel like a bit of a silly girl for even requesting it - I had to go elsewhere to get it cut again...How can that be good for business?

I would love to hear your thoughts - Clippers and female clients...yes or no??

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Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 4:01:36 AM
Go for it !  Clipper cutting is awesome! on anyone who likes it short !!  As long as she was happy, Why does your boss care which tools you use ? For short haircuts, The clipper is the best way to sculpt your design. I love it.

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Clippers and women, YES
Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 5:01:06 AM

First of all as long as you are rendering the style the client has requested and they are happy, I don't see an issue.  Who pulled you over?  Are you an employee or booth renter?  Actually it really doesn't matter.  The point being, unless there was a complaint you should not have been pulled over.  There is a huge misconception in commission salons that the managers and owners are the know it alls.  It is their way or you are wrong.  Each of us have different techniques and different styles.  The bottom line of it all is customer satisfaction.  I will slap a set of clippers to any head if that is what is required for the desired look.  Gender is not an issue, my clippers don't know they are female. 

What you can do to stop this rude behavior is to sit down and establish boundries and limitations.  If I ask for help, then you have a right to interfere.  If I do not, mind your own business (saying it nicer is always better).  The bottom line is we all have been trained differently and have different styles.  Mine will most likely never mirror yours, so please do not try to mold me.  Good luck and hang in there.    

This is based on my experiences and beliefs, if it offends anyone I am sorry.  This is what makes this country and this site so great.

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Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 2:36:33 PM

I agree with Doinitright.

Why would a salon institute such a ridiculous "rule"? Any salon that attempts to limit your creativity or learning curve is not the right salon to be working in. In all the years I've been in this business, that's by far the most bizarre "rule" I've heard yet.

I would ask for a darn good reason for the "we don't shave in this salon" spiel. How else is the stylist supposed to get rid of hair they don't want showing? These are mainly straggles of hair that are unsightly after certain cuts.

If you really want to remain at this salon, I agree that a little boundary setting is in order. Are you booth rental or commission? Either way, it's totally your choice which implements you use in order to achieve the style you are going for. If the client is happy, and the client requests it, that's all that matters.

I would quickly be putting the owner in her/his place regarding this issue (as Doinitright said, nicely). Later on it will be more difficult, especially if the owner falls into a comfortable complacency on how he/she thinks she can treat you.

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Posted: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 5:30:56 PM
I actually went to a school, where women and clippers=no no. But I have to say I disagree. I love using clippers on women especially for cropped do's.  You are there to please the customers, so if you are doing that I don't see where there is any problem. As long as the customers are happy so should the salon be happy. Who cares what you use, it's the results that matter! So YES!