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Posted By:stelgem on: 8/29/2006 5:57:10 AM

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Posted: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 5:57:10 AM
I have a stylist working in my salon who I flew over from another country to work for me.
She was interviewed by a friend in that country and seemed like an ideal candidate.
I paid for her ticket and put a deposit on a flat for her and a friend. I also paid a months rent in advance.
Having worked for me for a month and a half I have now found out that she wishes to leave and return home.
We spoke about it and she told me that after her trip home (already scheduled since i initially bought her a return flight) she would return and work until December.
I have since found another stylist (very difficult to do in Cyprus as i mainly rely on finding staff from abroad) who was due to start in a months time when my current stylist was due to leave (i informed her that i was not willing to wait that long for her to leave and her employment was to end at the end of October).
However, i have since found out that she was planning on going home at the end of October and had no plans to return.
What do i do? If i terminate her employment at the end of this month then i have little chance of covering any of my loses and she will be left with no home and no job.
Should i really be bothered after learning what she was planning?