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Posted By:amalia on: 9/16/2006 6:22:03 PM

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Bad day/ Need some advice
Posted: Saturday, September 16, 2006 6:22:04 PM

So I just recently graduated from Cosmetology school and started assisting at a high end salon which I am extremely intimidated by. I just recently passed my boards and am waiting on my license in the mail. So they give me a Saturday morning shift with a another assistant where we can take appointments and walk-ins. Last Saturday was my first day and they give me a trial for a wedding up-do, I was nervous and freaking out because i'm not completely confident with them (i could use a little more practice or advanced education). I'm not terrible at them but i'm not as good as i'd like to be yet! So i get this client and she has a picture that she printed off the internet of a french twist with alot of volume in the crown area. I have no idea how to do this so i ask one of my co-workers for a little help. From what she told me to do i tried and it was not working, I wanted to crawl in a hole!!! They ran out of time and rescheduled for today, I practiced on a maniquein so i felt more confident going into it today. I get to work and she canceled which made me feel pretty bad. But i look at the rest of my appointments for the day and i have 3 up-do. Ahhh i'm freaking out again (by the way the other assistant that i am working with on Saturdays went to Barber school so they don't give her up-do's) Anyway the first one went okay she was happy with it but i think i could of done better! The second one was another trial run for a wedding, she had long silky fine hair that was still damp from the shower that she had taken before she came. Great freshly clean long, silky hair for a up-do. again it went okay, but i really struggled to get it togeather. She liked it but i was very disappointed in myself again because i thought it could have been better! I'm just a little stuck with my motivation because i don't feel like i'm ready to do up-do's for weddings, a very important day for the client to feel their most beautiful. But every Saturday in the books i am booked with these freakin up-do's. Does anyone have any advice or ever felt this way? I would greatly appreciate it!!!!!!!! Am i crazy for feeling this way?

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Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2006 4:33:10 AM
I fell the same way. Only 2 girls at our salon really do updos. I try to observe them when I can. They are booking you updos because they don't feel comfortable doing them either. You are so normal to be nervous, but try to have fun with them. Be creative. Do what you think looks good, and show the client each section as you go asking if they like it, then move on , so there won't be a redo. Throw a couple of sparkly beads or pearls in. Let the client choose .  As you get more busy at work, you will either love updos, or you will be able to refuse them.  If you practice on family at home, you can build your confidence faster. Good luck.

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Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2006 10:59:32 AM

first of all tell your manager or owner or whoever that your just not comfortable doing them yet and then practice. i'll be honest i've been in this business for five years and i still wont do updos but i am strong in everything else. do you have to do everything? this is the time to see where your real strengths lie u knw not everybody is good at everything. but if u want to be good at this just practice i never thought i would be good at blowing hair straight so if u practice u will get better. good luck!



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Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2006 5:13:15 PM


Do not be intimated by your co-workers and the high end stuff, I have  been in your place and so have they.  I think everyone gets a little anxious when it comes to up-dos,  that may be why you got stuck with them, but sounds like you arose to the occasion I am proud of you!  By stepping up and trying different things is the way to becoming a  Great hairdresser.  The way to become the best is by getting out of you comfort zone, and it sounds like you on your way.  Good Luck!


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Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2006 6:37:13 PM

three words

Martin Parson's vidoes

they sell them in the BTC store they are an investment in your furture   and  educational tax deduction .  buy them and watch them over and over and over and over again .. then .. watch them again .i promise you they will give you the confidence your looking for and they will open your imagination . good luck  

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Posted: Sunday, September 17, 2006 9:50:25 PM

Martin Parson's is your answer. Also go to the step by steps on this site thy have a few very simple styles. 

Just keep practicing and it will come.

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Posted: Monday, September 18, 2006 7:53:58 AM

Been doing this 20 years. I love doing up do's, I love brides, I love doing their make up, I feel rewarded and privileged when I complete a flawless image on a woman that will be rendered immortal by film.

I've done  french twists, chignons, ponytails flipped inside out, cascading tendrils, barrels of finesse, a melange of all the above. I've attached swarovski crystals, I've attached fresh flowers, I've attached huge bulky (too heavy) tiara's, I've created my own tiara's.

Although I am a master colorist, and a great cutter, I find bridal work thrills me. The excited energy that comes with a bridal party is fun to me. The mimosa's taste great! I take pride in making my bride feel comfortable on her wedding day.

I've only experienced one bride from hell, and she was bent because the manager messed up her schedule. It wasn't my fault but it was upsetting having a bride not 100& radiant on her wedding day. I'll never let it happen again.

Do your ultimate best to make her smile, research faces and up do's that compliment certain face shapes. If they want that curl different, do it different. Don't take their changes personally. Research different up do's and how to do them. Take pictures of them. Note what is in this year. I find many brides want a softer more romantic look this year. Many aren't wearing veils, and many are wearing more hair down. This is a very intriguing side of our field that you can have a great time with. And since no one else wants to do it, seems the demand is there. Try it. It may lead you to different avenues. It's far from mundane, not to mention profitable.

Tip: put the hair up in small sections, and criss cross your support pins.

I watched a video from Aquage. Awesome work done on it. All iron and product work. Only shame is no bride would wear it. It does teach techniques you may be able to utilize.

If you can learn to section and sculpt a bridal up do, all the rest will come easy. You'll be sculpting multidimensional color in with ease, you'll be sculpting cuts in with ease, and you will gain a confidence in manipulating the hair. Good luck.

Some love it like I do, some don't.


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Posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 11:29:43 AM
Thanks for the advice guys! I really appreciated those of you who responded. I did tell the owner of the salon how I felt and she was really cool about it she's going to get in an up-do class in for me and let me practice on other co-workers while I'm not busy! I also ordered the Martin Parson's Wedding Collection off of the BTC store, so i'm really excited to get started practicing! After i feel more comfortable with up-do's i'll probably laugh at myself for stressing out about it so much! Thanks again! I am still willing to listen to any other suggestion's that you may have!