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Posted By:amalia on: 9/16/2006 6:30:48 PM

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Posted: Saturday, September 16, 2006 6:30:48 PM

So i just recently graduated from Cosmetology school and started assisting at a high end salon which i am extremely intimidated by. I just recently passed my boards and am waiting on my license in the mail. So they give me a Sarurday morning shift with a another assistant where we can take appointments and walk-ins. Last Saturday was my first day and they give me a trial for a wedding up-do, I was nervous and freaking out because i'm not completely confident with them (i could use a little more practice or advanced education). I'm not terrible at them but i'm not as good as i'd like to be yet! So i get this client and she has a picture that she printed off the internet of a french twist with alot of volume in the crown area. I have no idea how to do this so i ask one of my co-workers for a little help. From what she told me to do i tried and it was not working, I wanted to crawl in a hole!!! They ran out of time and rescheduled for today, I practiced on a maniquein so i felt more confident going into it today. I get to work and she canceled which made me feel pretty bad. But i look at the rest of my appointments for the day and i have 3 up-do. Ahhh i'm freaking out again (by the way the other assistant that i am working with on Saturdays went to Barber school so they don't give her up-do's) Anyway the first one went okay she was happy with it but i think i could of done better! The second one was another trial run for a wedding, she had long silky fine hair that was still damp from the shower that she had taken before she came. Great freshly clean long, silky hair for a up-do. again it went okay, but i really struggled to get it togeather. She liked it but i was very disappointed in myself again because i thought it could have been better! I'm just a little stuck with my motivation because i don't feel like i'm ready to do up-do's for weddings, a very important day for the client to feel their most beautiful. But every Saturday in the books i am booked with these freakin up-do's. Does anyone have any advice or ever felt this way? I would greatly appreciate it!!!!!!!! Am i crazy for feeling this way?

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Posted: Saturday, September 16, 2006 8:16:06 PM


Do not be intimated by your co-workers and the high end stuff, I have  been in your place and so have they.  I think everyone gets a little anxious when it comes to up-dos,  that may be why you got stuck with them, but sounds like you arose to the occasion I am proud of you!  By stepping up and trying different things is the way to becoming a  Great hairdresser.  The way to become the best is by getting out of you comfort zone, and it sounds like you on your way.  Good Luck!